Port Vale 2-1 Blades

“On paper a tough game but players stepped up & gave their all.”

“Deserved win against a poor Sheff Utd team. They seemed to have no urgency even when losing, at one stage their keeper and defenders seemed to be playing piggy in the middle with Uche as he chased the ball around as they knocked it around between themselves. Could’ve been a different outcome had they scored in the first minute of the second half but Jak saved well.”

“Vale were excellent again today and it only makes the poor performances over the last few weeks that more frustrating. Should have cruised today in regards to the scoreline and 1-2 flattered United in my opinion, although they clearly have some good players for this level and will be up there come the end of the season. We’re another goal-scorer away from a definite play-off side.”

“Good result against a big team, even though they dominated we dug deep and won they game well done boys.”

“Cracking result from a game we bossed really from start to finish.”

“Excellent 3 points, this league really is anybody’s. Still the best side I’ve seen in millwall are struggling so it’s wide open”

“I was slightly disappointed in Utd, they passed for passing so sake and showed very little creativity, and yet they were 4th at the start of play. It goes to show that if we can show some consistency we might be in with a shout. “

“I’ve seen the stats and we got battered but like I said fair play to the boys they battled to a win. Got to address this inability to defend though, can we bring a coach in who can sort it out cus it’s obvious Page can’t.”

“You’ve seen the stats have you well I saw the game and we veritably weren’t ‘battered’ we were excellent especially first half. We defended excellently and have all season, it’s just corners we need to get working on ASAP. Stop commenting on how we were apparently battered when you didn’t even go. “

“Ive got a feeling we could see some lesser teams going up this year andsome of the bigger teams being at the wrong end.”

“Good win against a side that will be up there. Now beaten both title favs at home.”

“They were rubbish in all fairness”

“Vale were far better and outclassed them”

“SHEFF UTD had no idea how to handle Uche and little “

“Great result today against the “big team”. I’ve seen much better opposition than Sheffield and I’m sure the ref and linesman had lime green shirts under their black ones”

“We have just beaten the team tipped to win the league, with a striker (Sharp) who should still be in the Championship.”
“Excellent result whatever the performance, Sheffield Utd should be there or thereabouts come the business end.”

“We just beat one of the biggest teams in the league.They scored after god knows how long extra time was played for what?Also not helped by a ref that favoured Sheff Utd.”

“The ref had a common disease among referees. It’s called BTS, Big Team Syndrome,and it severely hampers the part of their brain that makes them be unbiased, clinical, and make the correct decision.
BTS always Flairs up when a small team is playing a big team “

“We were the better team for 75 minutes, and we defended superbly for 99 minutes, maybe 100 is a bit of a push and everyone was knackered at the end.”

“Routine, convincing win against a scrappy side devoid of creativity.”

“We absolutely controlled that game after the first 10 minutes”

“Sheffield had the first 15 minutes and we were the better side from then on “

“Excellent performance, looked a far better team than the side the Sheff Utd fans were proclaiming as the second coming. “
“we were so comfortable at 2-0 and had an absolute stone wall penalty turned down and hit the bar. They had a few chances here and there but got exactly what they deserved from the game. “

“Blades blunted on and off the pitch. Car park wankers”

“Well done to Sheff Utd’s top boy who pulled a knife out on Hamil Road, big lad you are aren’t you “

“Blunts overran the stewards and filled them in big time while the police backed off and watched
Handbags really “

“One of their lot pulled a tree down and were throwing road cones”

“Not surprised about the nonsense after the match. Sheff United have their own contingent of knuckle dragging, yellow toothed Dole scrounging Neanderthals just as we do.”

“Without wanting to put a sour note on it I was disgusted to see the violence between Vale fans and Utd fans in the Co-op car park after the game. About 15 lads punching each other and kicking each other when down. Sickening, sub-human scum from both clubs. Had to be broken up by the car park attendants as the police were nowhere to be seen. Saw 3 police vans speeding towards Burslem on my way out. Also heard about the trouble on Hamil Road which seems to be a result of Utd fans aggression. Idiots.”

“I KNEW something would happen as soon as they let off their ‘we’re hard’ smokebomb, how can the police not recognise something in advance”

“It was obvious there would be trouble today, big game brings out the nutters and the United fans down by the corner of Railway were goading most of the second half.”

“In fairness there was a sizeable group of Sheffield knuckle-draggers who were hell bent on causing trouble of any nature today. The battering their team took on the pitch will have provoked their egos too.”

“Why is there a fence when away fans are allowed onto Hamil Road? Why were police dogs only being used to control Vale fans when 80% of the aggression was from Blades fans. Why were only Vale fans being frogmarched away by the police and stewards. Why were stewards watching a 16-17 year old Blades fan repeatedly spit at a middle aged Vale fan with a 10-12 year old child? Why were there substantially less Police than there were against Donny?”

“Just seen the video footage of the Sheffield morons jostling with police on Hamil Road. One thing that stood out was stewards and security staff employed by the club being used to boslter police lines on a public highway. Isn’t this the responsibility of the police and what they charge the club for?”

“Didn’t half kick off after down Hamil road. Some of the Vale numpties were fighting amongst themselves”

“absolutely embarrassing from both sets of ‘fans’.
I’m sure two I saw fighting each other were both wearing Vale colours, the stupidity and evil that goes through some people sometimes staggers me.”
“Big man from SU with the knife,I hope it cuts your **** off when you put it back in your pocket. “

“First time they actually tried to create an atmosphere allday!”

By Roy

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