Blades 5-1 Notts County

“Embarrassing. No cohesion or organisation, defending that would make schoolboys wince and muddled attacking play. Something is wrong “

“Notts so desperate to concentrate on the league they gave away 3 penalties in their cup game tonight. Well played. “

“As a Notts fan working in Sheffield, just like to say a big thankyou to Notts County for making tomorrow’s work day that much more bearable”

“Even at our worse last season, we gave United a game.
…. Kind of makes you realise how far we have fallen.”

“On a positive note………….we had more shots as well than them.”

“All summer and pre season we said we need to sort the defence out and we simply haven’t done it.”

“I always remember Warnock saying that good teams never lose by three goals (or worse), they always but always make a game of it. Mind you, I can’t recall if he said this before or after we lost 6-0 at Millwall!”

“Ray said he wanted to win the jpt so it does mean something, tonight we were absolutely rubbish, the first half it was as though we didn’t care, there are very few that can say they played well tonight. What really annoyed me is that Moniz didn’t even acknowledge our fans tonight, he just walked down the tunnel, normally I wouldn’t care but to lose 5-1 “
“I’d like Nigel Clough to Manage Notts if and when Moniz either walks or gets the clog ! “

“what is the fascination with Nigel Clough? He seems to be the new Paul Hart in terms of reputation outweighing achievement. He has achieved almost nothing but mid-table mediocrity with his league clubs, his only proper success having come with (a very well equipped) Burton in the non-league. Gary Mills is successful in the non-league as well. Should we reappoint him? “

“I don’t see the hype for Clough. 1. He’s a serial failure. 2. Notts fans won’t settle for mid table in league two year on year. 3 We aren’t a patient bunch. “

“’Serial failure’ might be a bit harsh on Nigel. A consistent non-entity might be a more apt description.”

By Roy

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