Blades 3-0 Fleetwood

The back 4 were a massive mistake all game, woeful”

“Dean Hammond seemed to be getting away with murder, 3 fouls in 5 mins and no card!!”

“Ha the home crowd were handing out a lot of stick!
average at best play on both sides.”
“Didn’t really expect anything from this game tbh but not a tatering either”

“disappointment tonight was just one shot on target from 7 attempts, they had 4 from 8 and scored 3 goals, thats the difference”

“Tbh I didn’t expect a result at Sheffield tonight, another chance for Pressa to weed out the weak links. Think we might get something at out of form Barnsley though.”

“Doubt they’re more out of form than us pal!!”

“Normal service resumed, still can’t string 2 results together.”

“Sheffield United for all their quality, including Premier League loanee Dean Hammond, were no great shakes – their three goals neither gifted nor earned – Steven Pressley’s side for the first time simply not at the races. “

“Just got back and to say that game was dismal would be a massive understatement.
Cods tried a tiny bit but were not very good at all, lacking technical ability but more annoyingly any passion..
Blades had a interesting game plan of play 80+ minutes of negative anti football and a few minutes of positive football in which they scored 3 goals.
Both sets of players need to give their heads a serious wobble if any of them see themselves as being part of the ‘beautiful game’. “

By Roy

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