“Well, lets look on the bright side here. Only 31 games(32 with our inevitable first round FA Cup exit) until the end of the season. Count down is well and truly on. As for Sheff U, they are a baffling team. Seem to vary between excellent and terrible, with nothing in between. They seem quite suseptible to a dodgy result, but when they turn up they bury teams. Got a lot of decent players at this level, including Sharp who is back amongst the goals. Adams(who we chased last season) is scoring, but he too seems to score in fits and starts. Defence looks ropey, they’ve only conceded 3 less than us which is a bit mad. But a decent team on their day.
Its at home, so we’ll probably lose. All United have to do is press us for a concerted period(first half, 2nd half, it makes no difference) and wait for their golden chances to arrive. Maybe we might scrape out a 0-0, but I doubt it. Oh the joys, roll on Saturday. “

“The Chronicle’s fan opinion piece was laughable this week. Saying how we should be grateful we have a club to support. That’s right, you just keep happy clapping us all the way to the Conference under the unsackable Steve Davis. Another mentioned he’s had no money to spend, well when he had money he wasted it on crap, then after his spending sprees, he’s sold no players for a decent amount of money since Murph and he’s had no cup income whilst we’ve failed on the pitch and faced relegation past two seasons and this one, he went over-budget last season when his permanent signings once again failed so how can he expect money when he hasn’t used it wisely in the first place? The fact a sizable minority of fans would rather us fail with Davis rather than change and see what happens sums up the pathetic mentality of some of our fans. In their eyes, as long as the town has a football club they’ll clap and never protest even if we go down with a record low points total because we’re a “special” club with a “stable and secure board and although it’d be nice if the board could tell us things now and again I have every ounce of trust in them.”. That’s what I saw one fan say, I wonder what would happen if his bank manager decided to withhold details of where the money was going in his accounts? Would he trust them then? No, so why does he trust this board and management to get our current predicament right?
When we’re in the Conference, these happy clappers will be the first to say “I wish we’d sacked Davis earlier to give ourselves half a chance of surviving in the league.” and it’ll happen. And those fans would fully deserve to watch us playing pub teams in the Conference. Shame those who want a bit of pride and excitement in the club are the ones who are going to suffer in the near future. “

“The article in the Chronicle was absolutely sickening. Not just missing the point but wanting mediocrity over anything else. “cos we are Crewe”.
“We are Crewe fans. We have bought into the ‘Crewe way’ when we could have been attracted to the bright lights.”
Is exactly what is wrong with the club. This idea we are special, on a pedestal. No no no. It was something when we were virtually mid-table in the Championship. When we’re free falling through the league with huge irreparable cracks forming in the foundations of the club, “the Crewe way” is sod all of a reason for blind loyalty.”

“ The Crewe Way is the greatest and most laughable myth ever created. It’s funny how everyone bleats about the Crewe Way when our rivals have survived two administrations in a decade and are higher than us in the league, with a higher budget, no huge player sales for years and only marginally higher gates. The Crewe Way is now having one shot on target per game and hoof and hope for a 0-0. Surely a sensible football fan would want to protest and demand answers from the board as to how this dramatic regression is even possible? But no, it’s the Crewe Way, you buy into it because we’re a special sustainable football club that’s regressing into non-league obscurity and if we don’t like it then we can fuck off to Vale Park in the eyes of our “real fans”. “

“We’ve gone from pasting the likes of West Brom, Derby and Stoke in their own backyards to celebrating 0-0 draws with Burton fucking Albion, any fan who has that attitude deserves to see us fail in my opinion, because they obviously weren’t fans when Dario was manager, it feels a completely different club today than it was back then, the youngsters are no longer creative nor confident and they look afraid of putting the ball back in the net. Hence why Davis needs to be sacked urgently.”
“Just a feeling someone is going to absolutely batter us at some point (Strange that it’s not actually happened yet, scoreline wise). Early goal, heads drop, fan revolt, the goals will flow. Shelf Utd seem as good a bet as anyone.”

“things will get ugly if Sheffield United take the game to us on Saturday and batter us. Our team has got more own goals than actual goals”

“Will be a struggle for us to his 30 points let alone 50”

“We can’t afford to bring a player in on loan so there is no chance of us paying Davis off”

“We’ve picked up two points from a possible 21 at home”

“I really really hope we get our first home win in very nearly 8 months , but I am not all confident.”

By Roy

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