“how many we reckon are going then 1100? That would definitely be the best following in the league this weekend by a mile”

“Every Southend fan I know put a big circle round this one when the fixtures came out in June.”

“saw the price on the OS and my first thought was wow, great value”

“This game is away to the biggest team in our league and we should ensure a massive away following to show them who the real SUFC are!”

“More like L2 prices for a Premier League-standard away end. Great value.”

“I’ve heard the ground is crap actually. But who cares, it’s 160 years old. That makes it older than Canada, Mexico and (technically) France”

“Well you won’t get PL level facilities, but what you’ll get is one of the best enclosed 30k stadiums in the country. Steep stands, fantastic noise. It’s going to be great fun.”

“Bramall Lane is brilliant, in the away end or the home stands.”

“We were all pleased about going up so we could go to places like Coventry and Sheffield to watch our team play in decent ground”

“My Sheff Utd supporting colleague said that they have a huge injury situation at the moment. Louis Reed and Che Adams (two of their best players) are doubts around, depending on whether the Eng yoof teams have a fixture or not. “

“They’ve lost to Millwall and Crewe in their last two league games, and were beaten by Fleetwood on pens in the JPT, so it’s definitely a winnable game. Can see this being a typical Brown performance of playing for a 0-0 and hoping for a bit of luck to give us a 1-0 victory. Personally think we’ll do very well to come away with anything given the current injuries and suspensions but you never know!”

“Can’t see us getting anything from this one unfortunately, 0-2 defeat for me.”

“Think Sheff Utd will be far too strong for us and can see us getting turned over 3-0 , I know prediction is negative but our defending has not been great of late and our forwards cant hit the target !”

“Have you seen their recent results? Apart from beating Worcester city in the cup they have been quite poor”

“it’s an interesting one. My spy in the camp says they’re obsessed with passing without getting anywhere, lack any kind of tempo going forward and can’t score goals. Sound familiar?
Whoever scores first takes the spoils for me.”

“Big club, doesn’t mean they’re a great team.
I was chatting to a Sheffield United fan the other day and he says the mood around the place at the moment is pretty glum. I said how much I was looking forward to the trip and he said “Yeah, that’s the bloody problem. Everyone is bang up for a visit to Bramall Lane and we’re not able to get up for it in the same way”.
While Sheffield Utd deserve to be favourites, odds-on looks a bit skinny to me.”

“can’t believe people think we are gonna get pumped. Hope the team don’t fold like some of the fans on here at the size of the club. They are not that good.”

“I cant see us winning this .If we scrape a draw I wouldn’t be to unhappy .”

“They lost to Crewe ffs, there is no reason we can’t beat these.”

“This is a Phil Brown type game. 0-1 to Shrimpers. Back on track.”

“The weather forecast for Saturday in Sheffield is atrocious, which could be a leveller… “

“More worried about the way we are playing after the game I saw on Saturday – we were back to playing “division 4” style football with players that couldn’t hold the ball, we couldn’t string a series of passes together and it was all industry and no style.
Sheffield United aren’t doing so well themselves at the moment so I think it will be more a question of which team pulls themselves out of the current stupor and performs at an adequate level. “

“I guess they have the bigger squad and better players to cope. If we have to start Atkinson then we are in trouble. No disrespect to him but he really isn’t league 1 material, hence Bradford getting rid of him.”

“Love how some people are writing us off already just because they are a bigger club! They can’t be much bigger than Portsmouth & we don’t seem to struggle too badly against them! Likewise Millwall!”

“Sheffield is a fantastic beer town. Some quality real ale establishments in the city centre. “

“Fantastic pubs in Sheffield – the city is renown for it’s real ales.”

By Roy

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