“we welcome the Blades (sorry, Blunts) for a resumption of our League One programme. Despite being one of the favourites for an automatic promotion spot (as they seem to be every year), United are currently in 8th place in the table on 24 points and their form hasn’t been anything to write home about under Nigel Adkins’ management. He was appointed in June and the size of his task was brought home to him at this season’s opening fixture when United were thumped 4-0 at Gillingham. Money to improve matters wouldn’t seem to be a problem – the club is 50% owned by a Saudi Royal Prince, and the squad is among the biggest in this league at 35 players. Current form is indifferent though:
One familiar face I would have thought we might see in their line-up is Florent Cuvelier, but he hasn’t appeared in the flesh this season from what I can see. Perhaps he’s injured, or loaned out – no doubt a friendly Blade can inform us. Leading scorers this season are Billy Sharp and Che Adams (7 and 6 goals respectively). In the League, they’ve scored two fewer goals than ourselves but have shipped eight more than we have and I would hope that as long as our international squad return fit and raring to go, we should be able to gather another three points with, say, a 2-0 scoreline.”

“I listen to Radio Sheffield a bit, and to listen to some blunts you would think they never spend money, they seem to think getting Billy Sharp on a free but paying him 20 grand a week is not spending money!! They are worse than the Dingles.”

“I would love to see us smash them 3/4 however I will go for a cagey 2-1 win with Bradshaw getting a brace.
This will leave their fans to blame the weather, referee, pitch, the full moon and any other excuses they can conjure up before attempting to sign half of our squad in January.”

“Well then, quite a big game this. Not sure how a 2 week break will have affected us, but I’d like to think that it will have given us a rest and that the players will be fit and firing to come out and get right into the Blades with a quick start. Or, alternatively, we might look leggy and not match fit, handing the advantage to the opposition. I just look down the Blades team with Adkins in charge and expect them at SOME POINT to kick on and win 8 or 10 in a row – hopefully that doesn’t start Saturday.”

“The Blades have only kept one clean sheet in their last seven league matches, it’s almost impossible to think that the Saddlers won’t strike again.”
“our form doesn’t suggest table topping form and I feel that won’t change were as I feel other clubs will go on winning streaks that set them apart from the chasing pack”

“Wigan will ultimately come through the pack to win the league reasonably comfortably.
Millwall, Coventry, Sheff United and Peterborough will also strengthen if required”

“our only chance is in the play off’s, Coventry are a real threat to the Blades auto place though, which is a bit of a shame when I have placed a wedge on a Wigan/Blades auto promotion…could afford to go on holiday with the winnings if it does come off!”

“agree with most others that the “money” teams will rise to the top of the league so a play off spot would be great and does prolong the excitement.”

“I don’t think we will get into top 2 anyway once transfer open the bigger clubs will splash the cash and expect all usual money men up there.
Coventry. Wigan, Sheff utd and even Bury will buy their way to top”

“These so called “big clubs” Sheffield, Coventry, Peterborough, etc have been down here for a while, what makes people think all of a sudden they are better this season? Go on the Blades website, full of doom and gloom on there”

By Roy

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