“Just been reading it’s all ticket and that people will searched on entry, due to recent events. Am sorry if this is racist and offends anyone but anyone who’s ever been to Oakwell before knows that isis lot are going to stand out like a sore thumb if they try getting in the stadium,”

“2 poor sides, struggling to keep clean sheets, struggling to score goals, struggling to win matches.
2 managers with ‘top weight on’ to turn around the fortunes of their team.
Last year we didn’t turn up & they battered us, how we gonna go this year, performances, atmospheres, mood have been awful, is this game that’s gonna be a turning point, or will the crowd be after LJ’s head??
I think it’ll be blood & thunder, we will let in a goal, we always do, if we score first I’m going 2-1 to us, if they score first I think 1-1.
Can’t contemplate them beating us again, hate it.”

“We’ll hammer em. 3-1 somebody’s due a right hiding.”

“1-0 dee dars and plenty of action on the forums.”

“As much as I want to see us stuff the Blunts I fear we may be recipients of a backlash from them after their Horror show against the Shrews.
Billy Blunt normally bobs one in against us so I recon a 3 – 1 defeat is on the cards.”

“We have improved last few games I think they will be goals our defence is shit so is there’s so I’m going for 3-2 to us”

“I want to back the Blunts! But they’ve not won for five games. What a quandry.”

“I’m going for a United win. And comfortably. Imagine Matty Done running at Mawson…”

“jcr up against George smith”

“Probley be usuall jcr run past smith like he isn’t there then put his cross into metronome car park”

“Another depressing Saturday afternoon.”

“They’ll end their poor run, as do most teams when they play us. We are the gift that keeps on giving.”

“I really hope we win, but we had a narrow defeat, they had a humiliating home defeat (least that’s how they will see it), so I think that they will be more up for it and given LJ’s tactical naivety pressure, I can see them turning us over”

“The blunts are tripe but we have a track record of losing to tripe teams”

“Think they’ll do us over like at the end of last season & like Crewe, Shrewsbury & a few others have done this season.
Hammill aside, we’re too safe, don’t play with tempo & are very predictable. Easy for teams to get men in position & counter us.
Hammill is the one bit of hope we’ve got in that he can do the unpredictable but I can’t see it been enough. “

“yes I know we are under poor management but the Blunts are completely shot, especially away from home.”
“It’s clear the Blunts are getting restless and I think a defeat on Satdi – however unlikely that may seem – will be the end of the road for Adkins.
I don’t know all the ins and outs of the situation there but it’s safe to say that things haven’t gone as planned/expected.
I’d still take him over Johnno though.”

“I think he’d be good for us. I was one of my favourites when we were last looking for a manager.”

“Lets face it….who could be worse than Mr L Johnson (9 out of 10 defeats is a fact not fiction)”

“I wish we were 12th and just a couple of results away from 4th.”

“I hope we beat them, always have been passionate about the dee dar games. We are usually jinxed in these games but here’s hoping
This morning I was thinking as to why when we have top young strikers like Tovey and Winnall, and Smith on the bench , all established lads who have racked up many goals. Then how is it we see them struggling in our set up. Is it because our defence has to be propped up and this stops our supply to them, or is it our midfield who are letting both the defence and the strikers down. I think all the team tries hard and want to win, but there is something radically wrong somewhere. Do you think they are being bogged down with overkill on the coaching side. I think this is happening at the Blunts.”
“I’m itching to back the Blunts big style to win this. But they haven’t won once in their last four games, and 6/4 looks too short. Equally, we look a bit too big to lay.
We’ve no White (injured), Long (suspended) or Scowen (injured). So it’s Fred Karno’s circus at the back, and a lack of bite in midfield. If we’re lucky, we might get 20 minutes out of Williams, and mebbes Hammill will show something if he’s not too knackered from carrying this team. Our forwards don’t look as though they could score in a brothel.
All in all, not a match I’m anticipating eagerly. At least with the early kick off we can get home in time to watch the end of the racing!”

“We have a chance of a win if the mindset of the players is correct from the off ( which it should be for a game like this) but more importantly if the manager selects the correct team.
They are shocking in defence but have the players in attack who can do damage, especially with our back 4 ( Please not Townsend in goal)”

“For 90 mins tomorrow lets all get behind em together…..there is nothing better than beating the deedars (blue or red) so forget the current shambles at the well and lets send em back to the steel shltty with no points and a sound beating.
get behind em get behind em, get behind em and we will win……
Come on Mr L Johnson, throw caution to the wind and lets have em”

“in footballing terms I hate deedars more than anyone…..Wendy more so but deedars are deedars and need to be beaten.”

By Roy

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