Barnsley 1-1 Blades

“What an absolute shitfest. Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted we equalised, and a draw was fair overall given we missed a penalty and hit the woodowork twice, but good God what a bad performance. United had two lumbering centre-backs in Basham and Collins, so what do we do, play to their strengths and chip hopeless balls onto their heads for 75 minutes until Hourihane finally decides to have a go and make up for his penalty cock up. Utter, utter shite. It was a carbon copy of each of the last 5 or 6 home games, other than the 95th minute equaliser, and we’re now bottom of the pile. “

“Absolute abomination of a game, neither team seems bothered that they’re underperforming to an embarrassing extent this season.”

“They’re the biggest underachievers in football,”

“Hourhines penalty was put right in the corner the keeper made a decent save but not enough power from what I can remember haven watched it back yet though.”

“ we were shite last week. We’ll be shite next week too. And the week after, whether we sack Johnson or not. We’ll be shite until at least January. We might be shite for the rest of the season,”

“Two off the woodwork, one well saved by the keeper from the spot.
We need to start taking these chances. Along with a ruck of individual errors, it’s costing us points.”

“Good save from keeper to be honest
It couldn’t av been placed any closer to the corner”

“Hourhines penalty was put right in the corner the keeper made a decent save”

“Cracking support, We deserve so much better than we’re getting. “

“Best crowd in L2 next season.”

“The away end golds 5700 under 4k untied fans massive big city club is poor is wendsday were in same position they would have sole half West stand aswell. “

“The last couple of times Wednesday visited they brought around 3,000-4,000. I doubt they’d sell significantly more while mid-table in League One.”

“The key to the game was the first goal. It allowed United to play within their strategy and according to their plan. It was a spirited fight from us and if the penalty had gone in, we could have won it. In the end though, we just did not

“Two shit teams that as of now can both forget promotion. The chances they had and could not score says it all.”

“I am saying that we are in the shit right up to our necks. I said we would have been even worse if we had not picked up 4 points in extra time today and Oldham
Sheffield Utd are just as bad, they will not get promotion with today’s team. “

“Had we scored from the penalty I feel the game would have changed completely.Sheff Utd had the whole team behind the ball and we’re on the backfoot at that time. “

“We were very lucky today, despite the goal, terrible penalty and some may say ‘we hit the bar, the post, missed an open goal, had more possession, etc, etc, etc,’ BUT, we were and have been poor all season. Second best to every ball as always, no fight, NO balls, nothing.”~
“The team is an absolute shambles of misfit individuals that play like a side cobbled together half an hour before the game.
Yes we shoudl have won with the chances we had and the missed pen but by god we were awful and they werent much better. “

“absolute garbage today, gutless, spineless lacking ideas and lacking b*llox and got out of jail with a point against an utterly w*ank team”

“No tactics, got bullied all over the pitch. utter rubbish”

“ We did more than enough to win the match!! “

“I would have took a draw today though and IMO we could’ve won”

“That was utter shite today. A draw is a disastrous result because it doesn’t do that much for us and probably prevents the inevitable decision from being made this week. Why would you put the amount of money Mr Cryne has allegedly put into this club and then sit in the stand and watch that embarrassment? Sheffield could and should have been 4-0 up before Connor gets lucky.”

“Yes we shoudl have won with the chances we had and the missed pen but by god we were awful and they werent much better.”

“Probably worst refereeing I’ve seen this season and we have seen some poor ones. Two poor teams. Our tactics were wrong and I’m unsure why we keep making changes. “

“We deserved a win second half. Missed a pen hit the woodwork. We were still shite though.”

“We didn’t deserve to lose that game I agree with bl we had a fair few chances to score more so did they like he says two poor teams”
“Don’t understand why, and this has happened pretty much every game we’ve gone behind at Oakwell, we go from playing with pace and trying to get balls in early to chipping hopeless balls onto opposition defenders’ heads. Two huge, slow centre backs in Basham and Collins and we play to their strengths by doing exactly that. Disappointing performance but a welcome point, and I’d take that every single time over a good performance (like Tuesday) and 0 points. “

“Yes we did deserve something and for me were tHe better of two poor teams. But we didn’t win, we gave away another goal at home and we don’t look settled or have a shape that suits. I lost count of the amount of 50yd diagonal or 30yard straight passes from the back to an opposition player and how slow we are at moving the ball up field.”

“We deserved a point today for me too. It was a poor performance but we got what we deserved for a change. We’ve lost so many games this season we should have won, and our luck this afternoon was as bad as it’s been. That referee was dire. Good point, got to pick up more though. “

“we definitely didn’t deserve to lose.”

“ It was absolute tripe and if the Blunts had have been more clinical Johnson wouldn’t be hanging on like his is now. “

” Maybe if Barnsley had been more clinical Adkins wouldn’t be hanging on?”

“Manor Top were mediocre. It was a game between two terrible sides, but at least they didn’t beat us. On another day, we’d have sent them back to their City Road hovels with nothing at all. They’re going absolutely nowhere positive under Jimmy Tarbuck. Hopefully – please, Footballing Gods – they’ll get dragged down towards the relegation zone and we’ll save ourselves at their expense. It’s not impossible. (And I’d fcuking love it.) “

“I thought we were both shite”

By Roy

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  1. If Barnsley avoid relegation it will be for one reason alone, Adam Davies. he made a number of good saves throughout, otherwise it could have been a whole different story. UTB

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