Blades 1-0 Oldham


“How fuckin depressing is it supporting this football club? “

“Should have won that”

“Played nearly a third of the mach against 10 men, so yep, id agree with you”

“Dunn wants fucking sectioning never mind sacking”

“Have just listened to his post match interview he said we did well and if we play like that every week we will be ok …. He is taking the p… And seriously deluded …”

“No cutting edge.
Little urgency.
No confidence.
Toothless. “

“It was shit again, wish they’d fuck off with this style of tippy tappy sidewards shite. No attacking intent whatsoever.”

“No fight, no urgency, no desire, no idea… That sums it up”

“philiskirt is a poor player, even for this level.
 I wouldn’t have him near my starting 11.. Reason being he is invisible for long periods of every game I have seen him, and he ain’t all that when the ball does go near him”

“We wouldn’t have come close to an equaliser but for the sending off. Once they went down to ten men we had chances and should have come away with at least a replay.”

“Hardly got in the box,Only started ‘playing’ (sort of) after the red card. Too busy seeing if there is a easy pass behind them. Sheff utd were really bad, we were even worse. “

“That was shite. No creativity, no urgency. Never felt like we was going to score.”

“why didnt we use pace from the start,using the Shrewsbury example who put four past them? “

“are Latics players in the Shrewsbury class?”

“ I have to salute those 700 fans who travelled and parted with their hard earned cash. (I wasn’t one of them by the way) A shame the team couldn’t grind out a replay, particularly with the dismissal of Adams and plenty of time left on the clock. “

“the first half was worse than park football, no effort, the second half was margenally better”

“In the circumstances, it is unfair to expect either side to play great football. Thee was nothing to choose between the sides inthe first half but we looked solid enough. The goal should have been prevented. I need to see it again but my initial thought was that we missed out on two tackles. After ath came the sending off and Sheffield settled back to defend. We had three good chanes any one of which could have gone in. This was always going to be a difficult game but we were not outplayed or out fought. “

“blades would have won without breaking sweat with 11 men “

“They had 11 men thoughout the first half but did not score, “

“rubbish no heart no organisation no application “

“Sheffield United changed to two up front in the second half and scored what did we do kept one up front it didn’t work the 1st half so why the F***k did dunn stick with it Sheffield United sat back at one nil up because they knew we were not going to get past them “

“Poorly managed and coached poor motivation.. No firepower one up top or 2 … Blades just come out start of 2nd half brushed us aside. then just sat on it with ease really before man down .. We still did not go for bust ..”

“When me and my mate walked to the car after the game we got talking to a blades fan he said they played poor but we were feeble and clueless… This must be one of the worst 12 month I have witnessed at this club in 50 years …. “

“They’re as bad as we are”

“Can we score against 10 men?”

“ Hopefully nobody booed or called the players today at the end of the game, you know,playing a team in shit form and having 10 men for the last 25 mins, surely they deserve more than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

“Nothing to sell. I see lots of ex Latics plyers scored again today, is selling false economy? there’s practically a full team playing at higher levels.”

“ Sheffield United ball 61 I bet they go on to get a good tie”

“ Philly should have scored and Brayfords effort looks over the line”

By Roy

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