“Bored of the same old haunts so I tend to just do the newer grounds these days or the distance ones I’ve never done.
Be giving this one a miss”

“Brilliant price. Let’s pack the place!”

“Fantastic price that.”

“Very good price”

“All the recipe for a good Cup run this season.”

“A defeat will likely end our season”

“Season is very much alive, we are in a relegation scrap.”

“5-1 for us to win great odds”

“Great way to lose your money.*
You know what I did there and why.”

“I might be off my rocker here but…I think we will win on saturday. Nothing to base this on what so ever by the way – other than the fact we’re absolutely shite but when we’ve been absolutely shite in the past we have still been decent in the FA Cup ”

“I’m with you on this I reckon we will be in the
Hay come Monday night. Seems most seasons when we have been struggling we’ve had a decent cup run “
“Yep….you’re definitely off your rocker, we’ll get absolutely smashed.
If Dunne is going after a loss to the Blades he might as well go now……..We haven’t got minor problems in the dressing room I suggest they are massive and irreversible with Dunn in charge!!! “

“If pace caused Sheffield United problems against Shrewsbury shouldn’t Poleon start in this one? “

“I’ve felt as miserable as everyone about this season’s performances, but tomorrow is the world’s greatest cup competition and Latics are underdogs. It’s Lancashire v Yorkshire and a chance to wipe the smirk off Nigel Adkins’ face. It’s a game we only need to avoid losing to be in the draw with the Greedy League clubs. It’s us against the world. Plus it’s an opportunity to visit the Sheffield Tap. It’s one not to be missed”

“its a game I would never miss but it could get embarressing on Saturday.”

“What’s the crack for parking tomorrow. It’s a bit shit, Sheffield United isn’t it? Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.”

“Awful. Got there really early last time and parked on street right next to ground where was no cones or permit only right near away end”

“Always found it fine as tend to be there for 12ish, might be a different matter at ten to three.”

“it appears Baxter is at it again. He’s been disciplined for an ‘incident’ over the weekend.
A few Blades fans slagging him off. He doesn’t look bothered, he’s fat, he’s a druggy etc. Subbed at half-time against Shrewsbury, dropped against Barnsley.
What a prize dick head. What is it with Everton/us? Kenny, Baxter and Green! Talented, but deeply flawed. Rooney did the right thing teaming up with Taggart.”

“I’d still have him back here in a heartbeat, every time he got the ball you got the feeling something special was about to happen, now we just know the ball is going to go backwards.”

“Blades fan at work said he’d been the one shining light. He doesn’t go to many games to be fair.”

“He got 15 goals in the full season he was with us (11 assists too iirc)
He currently has 7 goals and 7 assists for them this season.That’s more than a scorer of great goals gets. Way better than other options we have going forward at present. “

By Roy

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