Blades 3-1 Bradford

“The team were collectively poor today, cant win em all “

“Disappointing today but a pretty fair result imo. They bossed it in every department”

“Billy Sharp MOM”

“We were woeful today. Too many players not up for it.”

“How Sheffield United aren’t challenging for an automatic place is stupid, they have the setup and should be way up there”

“Late in, shop runs out of everything & a 1-3 scoreline..if Carlsberg do away days, this is most definitely not it”

“That was the most deplorable refereeing performance from Mark Haywood today how he’s on the football league is baffling. He had no control his body language was arrogant and uninterested, a poor display and an embarrassment to the refereeing fraternity “

“They were better than us at passing, tackling, heading, shooting, running, positioning, marking, moving, goalkeeping, managing, working the ref and all other aspects of playing football.
On another day I’d say the ref was sh*te but in all honesty it didn’t really effect the outcome so let’s leave it at he weren’t right good”.

“If you can’t beat Hanson in the air, just handball it. Its fine you’ll get away with it.”

“Sheffield were hardcore and determined. Unlike us !”

“Fair result that, United deserved that dominated second half, we go again”

“Shit shit and more shite oh and Billy sharps still a cunt”

“A lot of time for Billy Sharp. Fan on the pitch doing things the right way.”

“I must’ve been overly drunk because I didn’t think we were that bad”

“How can anyone be surprised by that? So predictable and easy to defend against. Finally came up against a good team and got found out”

“For a moment I thought Sheff U fans were singing ‘you’re just a town full of Parky’s’. I like the idea of a town full of Parky’s”

“Most inept performance since perhaps Rotherham away a good few year ago! No fight, no battle”

“TODAY was so far removed from where we really are – words escape me.”

“Only 2nd defeat in 12 are we expected to win every game. Today was poor but come on one defeat and it’s all doom and gloom”

“Poor today but we still shaded the first half. Connor Salmon must be dreadful apart from when we play the Blades, had a big impact like he did in the home game but doesn’t start games. Billy Sharp also destroyed our back 4 today.”

“We were poor but even then in last ten mins we might have sneaked a draw with hansons header and reids effort”

“Well I’ve just got back and that stunk. All of them were poor but special mention has to go to both flanks. Darby/McMahon and Leigh/Reid were embarrassing.”

“Another assist for McMahon, I believe.”

“At least 4 woeful corners, I believe.”

“Mac is such a boring Right Winger but I can’t say anything bad about him because his stats are A*!
And he’s an alright player. Just like my wingers tricky thats all”

“Had a poor game though. His deliveries were well below his best and just didn’t impact the game enough.”

By Roy

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