Blades 2-3 Peterborough

“Their fans are fucking wank,what the fuck have I just witnessed. Shit city, shit fans. Fuck off “

“Can’t blame their fans for not creating an atmosphere when they have to witness drab football & whinging players every week “

“I love it when little old ‘tinpot’ Posh do over one of the ‘big sides’ in league one”

“Sheffield United don’t know what entertaining football is”

“Well sufc apart from scoring from a penalty and an own goal, you were shite!”

“That’s how good Posh are. Shouldn’t have won but superior quality overcome a poor performance”

“Played well last week lost didn’t play brill today and won main difference was we put away chances”

“Not better team on the day, just the better team in general”

“Sheff Utd a club who will never get out of league 1”

“They played well. Difference is we’ve got goals throughout the side & in Washington a striker that’s bang in form”

“They weren’t bad, we were just good. 3 top quality goals. Unstoppable”

“Beating teams that once played in the First Division feels so good. They were once the best in Sheffield also”

“Could have been dead and buried at half time but sublime finishing won it in the end.”

“Could only see a home winner at 2-2 so pleasantly surprised in the end!”

“An entertaining game which we should have won by 3-4 clear goals. Coulibaily wasted far too many chances and Taylor needed to set his sights lower.”

“Let’s not over-rate Sheff Utd here. They’re nothing special.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Peterborough”
  1. biased away fans reviews we gifted them space and 3 of 4 of our defenders are hopeless, a solid defence would have probably stopped them scoring at all and we would have won

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