Man Utd 1-0 Blades

“Never in doubt!”

“Really. Do we have to have Glory Glory Man United blaring out over the loudspeakers? There is absolutely NO glory here. None.”

“there game plan was done right stopped us playing an kept us at a distance not hard as we do that ourselves”

“feel so sorry for shef united, terrible way to lose, and they did not deserve that “

“Wayne ALWAYS goes the same place… Keepers should know that by now”

“a penalty to once again paper over the cracks. Lucky Louis in deed.”

“Would have preferred to have lost, that goals kept LVG his job”

“I was afraid that Sheffield United would be playing with a lot more confidence than us, and make it really hard for us (shouldn’t be hard, but you know the way we’ve been playing)
Instead, they played awful, and we just played even more awful… We dominated them, and had tons of time to make something happen, but instead we barely got any chances at goal at all…. and in the end, we won during extra time, by them making a stupid tackle for the penalty.”

“ Absolutely dire. Ashamed to say I turned off before the end. Eiher that or I kick the tv through the window. “
“I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching this boring football every week. 2 shots on target against a league one team, the first after 70 minutes!! How is that acceptable?”

“Watched my first game in 1965, ashamed of this lot. Killing the culture of the club. LVG GO GO GO! “
“The scoreline isn’t harsh on Sheffield United at all. When you come and deliberately play for a 0-0 draw and then give a stupid penalty away you deserve all you get.”
“Incredible win. Up there with Turin ’99”

“diabolical performance
Not sure how much longer we can put up with this football because it’s absolutely shit”

“Take that
f**k off you defending bastards”

“are you having a laugh ?? We were f**king shite, they did not need to defend.. we did not create one decent chance against a league 1 team in 90 minutes..”

“At least we shut those witty f**kers in the away end up”

“that hammond what a f**king tit”

“Lucky bastards”

“1-0 and completely soul destroying.”

“One of the worst United performances I’ve seen in days.”

“I know we were shit but ffs BT Sport.
“Sheffield United played 2 up front and went for it” When? When did they do anything approaching ‘going for it’?
Utter tosh.”

“I’d have more respect for LVG if he just came out and said “we were shit and I apologise for it”. This ‘men behind the ball’ stuff is just f**king insulting. What, are we the only team in the world that has to break down a defensive set up? Excuses for garbage.”

“Today’s shitfest was just one more in the never ending sequence of tedium that we’ve come to expect under van Gaal”

“Dire. Looked like 22 pieces of turds playing out there.”

“It might have been a pen, but Depay definitely dived, no way the force of the contact which was soft at the very most, would have send him flying.”

“Watch it again mate, he got tagged pretty hard. Should have been a red card, awful challenge.”

“Yep, studs up and all. Definite Red. Great spot by the Ref though, because Memphis did make a meal of it.”

“when pen was given Depay was on his feet in no time. This “jump” Memphis did was a 100% dive. Yes that was not a simulation of the foul itself, since the defender did get him, but it was kind of “highlighting” the foul thing. Still unnecessary and pretty disgraceful, esp considering who the opponents were.
Yet somewhat befitting the shit football we are playing.”

“I’m at a loss as to how the defender thought making that challenge was going to end well for him. Bar grabbing the ball with both hands afterwards, he’s done everything imaginable to make it a foul and penalty.”

“No idea what Hammond was doing.”

“Hammond could have broken his leg.”

“that was not deserved, yes it was a clear pen but FFS this has to be one of the worst game I have ever watched.”

“Awful game, at least we won but it was frankly embarrassing.”

“Almost embarrassing to knick it like that. Stone cold penalty obviously but still.”

“Absolutely shit game. A winning penalty doesn’t change that.”

“Didn’t celebrate that goal at all. I’m that apathetic about watching United at the minute. Awful performance against a side that aren’t even living up to expectations in League One at the minute.”

“I feel sorry for Sheffield United. They deserved the replay.”

“I feel dirty after that. It feels like we robbed them of the replay. If we had scored from open play in the 96th minute then that would have been better than this. “

“Best team won. They were never in the game”

“didn’t deserve it “

“Worst match I have ever seen by Manchester United”

“Rarely do I feel bad about the opposition losing (well never actually) but this is fecking harsh on them.”

By Roy

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