“We can’t be taking this game lightly, if we can get a second consecutive win and a few goals it will really help with individual and team confidence. I would go with the same team as today but bring in Darmian for that injury prone fecker Jones.
If we lose this one he surely will be sacked otherwise God help us fans.”

“Pretty much our only chance of anything this year. Let’s not feck around.”

“If LVG wants to ease the pressure, this is the kind of match where we have to put in a confident, comfortable performance and win by a few goals.”

“I’d love to win the FA Cup, although I’d prefer us to get top 4 again. Will need to rest a few players in this game.”

“If we rest both Martial and Young, don’t expect us to score.”

“This is a must win game. If this game goes back to Sheffield for a replay – I think we will lose.”

“A must win and preferably it should be won at Old Trafford.This would be great for confidence and overall squad morale. It won’t be easy…”

“Sheffield United are regular game raisers in both major cup competitions, irrespective of how things might be progressing for them in the league. A replay would come as no surprise to me.”

“We are facing possibly the most inconsistent team in the Football League.”

“with injuries and the Newcastle match a few days later, this may be another poor performance.”

“Hope we rest few players for crucial matches next week….”

“We underestimate these and there will be another added to the already-longish list of lower league clubs to embarrass us in a cup. But I’ve gone for my most optimistic result in months, 3-0 to us. Could come at the right time, we’re suddenly finding our attacking feet and getting some confidence back, so with a good win here could set us on a good track.”

“hope we loose very game until hes sacked the fukin shit manager ugly cunt”

“LVG took the League Cup seriously and we still got knocked out”

“The last time we played Sheffield United was in 2007 – the scorers? Carrick and Rooney.”

“Fully expect us to make Sheffield utd look like the Manchester United of old on Saturday”

“Jay McEveley has picked up a booking on seven occasions this season and will have to be careful coming up against the tricky and nimble Ashley Young”

“They have only lost one-third round tie since 2007 so they will be no push-overs”

“So we have Sheffield United in the F.A Cup home draw. I don’t care how many fans the woolybacks bring with them let’s get everyone singing, if the guy or girl next to you isn’t singing take his or her prawn sandwich off of them and stuff it down the back of their shirt, and tell them to support the team. No but seriously it’s a bit much when the few away fans that come to our ground out sing the home fans, it never used to be this way. The Glory fans, The Tourist fans and the ones that buy the odd season ticket from the internet don’t help, but don’t be embarrassed to sing make those that are not singing feel embarrassed for not singing. And as for Louis, you get it right this time play the best team first, then when we go a couple of goals up, then, then put the younger or less experienced players on. And as for the players please get it right this time, don’t be afraid to lose, go out there with the mind set that it’s them that should be afraid,and go for it right from the first whistle and let them know they should be afraid very afraid. We got the year off to a good start by beating Swansea 2-1 (for a change) So let us fans go home happy again till the next game, not down and depressed.”

By Roy

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