“We seem to have a habit of catching t’Blades at a bad time, with the exception of our trip to their place last backend, when Robbo of course confirmed himself a tactical genius.
Otherwise, they’ve usually come to our place on a Tuesday early in the season and left on the last train back op north with all three points.
Again we’re catching Mrs Wishywashy’s boys on a hot streak and this is perhaps our biggest game of the season thus far; a convincing win for either team would see them go odds-on for a top six finish.
A loss here would mean we’ve only won one of our last six after a strong November, with defensively sound Preston looming into view in the third round of the Cup.”

“We have an (apparent) inability to score against a decent defence.”

“Only if he signs a decent striker.
Until then we will remain flat track bullies who pummel the poor sides but can’t cut it against the best.”
“There’s half a dozen or so teams better than us at the moment, that’s just the way it goes.”

“Peterborough United are becoming the Graeme Hick of League One. A team of flat-track bullies who batter weak opposition, but come up short against the best.
Posh have played eight games against the current top eight in League One now. They haven’t won any of them. In fact they’ve picked up just two points.”

“We are not bad for a team with ONE striker.”

“Innit! Imagine how good we’d be if we could score goals. We might end up top scorers in the country or some such.”

“we had about twenty chanc s v Walsall and scored nil.”

“This could go three ways…
We put our flat track bully tag to bed and finally beat a decent team.
We lose a close game and Adkins says afterwards “we’re the best team they’ve played all season”
We get caned 3 or 4 nil as the wheels start to come off.
I’m hoping for the first it’ll probably be the second but let’s ffs hope it isn’t the third.”

“Looking forward to the game tomorow – slightly (very) concerned about our inability to beat the sides closer to the top – won’t go on too much as most points have been made already, but I think if we get a bit of luck we can win tomorrow.
Sheffield United seem to have turned the corner with 3 straight wins – however it is worth considering that looking broader thats only 3 wins in the last 9 – so that’s a positive…clutching at straws maybe!
To be honest im never optomistic away at these so whilst i’d love a win I reckon it’s more likely we’ll draw.”

“If the bookies thought we were probably going to be in the top six we’d be odds-on.
There are six teams at shorter prices than us and five of those are 1-3 or shorter.
The other is Sheff Utd…”

“We’re not as good as we think we are…We still haven’t beaten a top six side…and only two points all season against the top eight
However, we have come a long way since early september when we were in the bottom six and heading for league two under that clown Robertson.
We now have n outside chance of a play off spot…although a top ten finish would still be an achievement if not a disappointment.”

“I’m looking at the table and they’re Queing up behind us with games in hand.
Long way to go I know but we’ve got a fight on our
hands to make the top six.”

“All we have to do is beat Sheffield United on Saturday and the queue will not look as big.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Peterborough”
  1. Whatever the result it will be a great game and I’m sure that Peterborough will have chances to put ball in the net, however blades seem to be fireing on all sillinders after a run of draws and giving away sloppy goals at the 85th minute costing us valuable points, Peterborough s had some great results so far but can they step it up today and get 3 points against Sheffield Unt I’m going for a 2-1 home win.

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