how can I miss this ? Derby day on a bank holiday “

“For anyone interested. We’ve been given three allocation from Sheff Utd. (1,200/2,000/2,800).
The uptake in tickets over the last 72 hours has been fierce. The latterly figure is what we’ve sold so far.
1,800 in the upper tier and the rest in the lower. The lower hold just under 3,000 – so those paying on the day will be sat in Jessica Ennis’ lower – nice. Thus’, there are plenty of tickets available for those who want to go.
Expected away attendance is 3,200.”

“Sheff Utd know how to do it. Information of allocation, check
How many sold, check
Regular updates, check
Structured sales plan, check
Things like this give supporters the knowledge so they can plan how they can get tickets or with information, decide whether they are going to turn up and pay on the day. We don’t know what the allocation was, how many had been sold, is it the whole stand, a percentage, nothing. Its frustrating as it can potentially put people off planning on going on the day if they think its all sold out. Rant over. “

“Been saying this for years . Sheffield United have it bang on , I used them as a example during the proitity away debate . Instead of a half arsed effort like us spend a little bit of time and get it right in this place and save yourself hassle in the long run”
“going to Sheff U with pace might be a good option.”

“We murdered them for pace and intensity at home till we ran out of steam at home. The 2 centre backs are slow and Mcevily is a red card waiting to happen.”

“Well, really looking forward to this one, especially after today’s postponement (assuming the heaven’s don’t open again).
3 points off the play offs after todays results with Walsall, Coventry, Peterborough, Southend and Gillingham winning. So all, those placed above us won. Expect the same team as at Chesterfield.
Going for a 2-1 win with yes, **awaits mocking** Big Jim, grabbing the winner in front of the Bradford fans.”

“We’ve Won 1 of last 22 against the Blades”

“Sheffield Utd will finish above us.”

“Seriously? They were lucky to draw with us at a time when we had a keep who couldn’t catch a cold and in recent weeks have been turned over by Shrewbury town on their own patch. Their fans are up in arms about the football there and believe they have moved backwards from Cloughs days. “

“unless we improve our football and get a forward that can finish often then Sheff Utd will finish above us.”

“They are a bigger club than us. Only someone deluded would say differently.”

“Over the last 3 seasons, the lowest a team has scored in the final top 6 is 56 – Sheff Utd three years ago. The next lowest was 66 – Sheff Utd 2 years ago.”

“Good pool of right backs in this league. Kieron Freeman at Sheffield United is very good”

By Roy

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