“I hope I’m wrong but I can see only a LOSS! “

“as there’s a good chance Butler, Tyson, Stuckmann and Grant will be back, I’ll say WIN.”

“The biggest bonus for me is having Tyson back, he’s been our biggest loss in the last few games JMHO”

“Promotion results with him in the team and relegation results when he is missing.
That goes for all of our games this season too not just under DF.
I have been saying all season that he is the key to us winning games.
Maybe if Dickov had had him in the team at the start of the season he could have had a better start?
Tysons return to the team coincided with Fergies arrival at the club.
Look at the results over the last few games when he has been missing for evidence of how valuable he is to the team.”

“Williams and Tyson are both handfuls for defenders”

“Tyson is our ‘Mr Consistency’ up there, he does a lot of the dirty work, he also puts some fear into defenders with the pace he has.”

“Sharp is certain to score against us, so we have to score at least one goal to stay in the match.”

“Fully fit squad for Saturday”

” Let’s hope they’ve all got there heads out of their arses and are psychologically fit too. Can’t be going in to this game with the same attitude of the last two home games!!”

“I would show no fear against Sheff utd, try and get an early goal and rattle their fragile confidence.”

“I had a dream. Dead vivid it was. Man of the moment Nigel Adkins hit the headlines again after picking up 3 points following Sheffield United’s game at Doncaster Rovers.
Adkins, who just 30 minutes earlier was sacked as the Blades manager following their 3-1 defeat at the Keepmoat, received the points after being caught speeding on his return home.
It is believed that he was dismissed because his duty of manager was hindered by his insistence of ‘keeping his hand in’ by  also being the team’s physio. It was thought that his time should have been spent solely as manager, without the distraction of being physio. This upset chairman Kevin McCabe, who wasn’t particularly impressed by Adkins’ work on the treatment table, after claiming he himself had not been right since  Adkins gave him a massage.
“He just rubbed me up the wrong way, so I sacked him” said McCabe,
This was the umpteenth time Adkins has been fired, and when asked if he was deterred by it Adkins said “No way, getting fired a lot just proves that I’m no quitter”. “

“The sainted Fergie (peace be upon him) wants 10k at the Sheffield united game.”

“Let’s be right, the ground looks ace full”

“I noted that comment from Fergie and by rights, any league game between the two should be attracting in excess of 10,000.”

“If we don’t get 12k for this then there’s something wrong. We’ll only need 7800 home fans.”

“Blades are 5 points off the play offs, if they’re not turning up in numbers for an away day 20 miles away summat is up. They’ll bring around 4/5k, surely? “

“The Blades are usually the worst travelling fans in numbers of all our local rivals given the size of their support. I doubt we will hit 10k”

“Theres a few Sheff Utd fans I know who aren’t going, due to how they’re playing at the moment. It’s a shame we couldn’t have made an arrangement on the reciprocal deal with SUFC.”

“I’m sure they brought about 700 once to the Keepmoat. Think that was the day Sharp had the ‘fat lad from sheffield’ tshirt on”

The Blades support away from home is always ”soft” oh and……………deathly quiet”

“Well just been on RS telling them Blades they ain’t sold 25% of their allocation for their must win cup final. Best thing is everyone that bites, that’s £23 to DRFC. Happy days.”

“They never were that bright on Blades mad.” 

“If we win on Sat, what’s the odds they sack Adkins?”

“It’d be nice to claim a managerial scalp this season”

“If they lose against us he will be gone before the end of praise or grumble”

“It’s Brian the Blade I feel sorry for in all this.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Doncaster”
  1. One thing is guaranteed they will be a lot more blades at the keepmoat then there where donny fans at the lane never heard em all match

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