“We are a joke”

“Some Coventry fans on their forum described our performance (and some of their own players) as ‘unusual’ and ‘strange’!”

“We’ve had everything else this season so a betting scandal would top it off nicely.”

“Hopefully a huge home defeat.”

“The trouble is, nobody, and I probably include the management in that as well as the fans, knows what our strongest team is at the moment. Nobody is playing that well, confidence is obviously lower than a slugs belly and we’re shipping goals for fun.
So this is the time when the manager and his team really have to do their homework on the opposition. Pick the players they feel can hurt Sheffield, in a formation that makes them have to think about us for a change. If that’s 442, 451 or whatever. Let’s just not roll over and die in the first half hour for this one. Please.”

“I will be delighted if we draw on Tuesday.
One step on the road to normality.”

“in his interview Soares sounded he was going to be making up for a shocker yesterday”

“If we go a goal down, the temperature will rise..!”

“I’m not bothered who plays as long as they play to the best of their ability and put a shift in.”

“I’m bothered who plays because he needs to put a team out that can compete with Sheff Utd, mentally, physically and tactically, and for that matter, what could be a very fickle home crowd. We need characters who won’t fold if or when we go behind.”

“Is our financial situation so bad that these guys played some of their best football in months during the recent cup runs in order to increase the chances of their own financial security? Would it make a difference? I know that it’s a completely off the wall thought but in trying to make sense of the last few months I just wonder what the heck’s going on”

“There are an awful lot of likely scenarios that can be put together to explain a group of players who don’t look like they want to play anymore.
* The financial situation.
*The removal and freezing out of players well liked by their teammates, replaced by players on vastly inflated salary packages and those who have brought their higher level ego and demands to what is, a low level club.
*The management team. Futcher seems to have bust ups with players weekly, but is this driven by Flitcroft? I’m not sure, based on his playing experience and mentality, he can handle experienced pros.
*Carrington. This may seem an odd one but Carrington has took us from little old Bury, to arrogant Bury. I’m not sure we have the ability across both playing squad and management/coaching team to utilise Carrington to its full potential, especially when the going is bad. The battling qualities and in it together mentality training at your Lower Gigg’s of this world provide are essential when confidence is shot. “

“Will we see the reaction that we want on Tuesday? That will be up to the leaders on the pitch as much as anyone else. We have got to support them no matter how had it is. Much as I have grave doubts about what is going on behind the scenes will a change of manager really sort this out? How often does that work when a side is on the slide? I can understand why many want to see a change but let us remember that this is our football club. Players and managers come and go. If we give up on them then we are in trouble”
“For all those who think relegation is a certainty OR for those who don’t quite have enough money to take over the club or want to fund a fans takeover of the club…
16/1 is still available for relegation
I suggest you lump on buy the club and sack whoever you wish”

By Roy

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