Doncaster 0-1 Blades

“Butler is turning into a liability, gives a goal away every time he plays, getting bullied by a kid today. Too weak.”

“Butler was by far our best defender and when he wasn’t playing second half the defence was all over the place. “

“the blunt totally did McCulloch for pace about half a dozen times. “

“I can’t remember ever being this angry after a match. Were they paid to throw the game? Disgraceful and unacceptable.
We deserve an apology.”

“That was the worst performance I’ve seen since we lost to Stevenage at home in the FA cup a few years ago. No excuses about the defeat. We looked like a shite league 2 team. Don’t know where we go from here”

“There was no bravery on that pitch today. Nobody wanted the ball, they just wanted to give it away or move it on to a different part of the pitch, not caring whether it went to our players ot theirs. The ball was the enemy today. We were not a football team.
They should hang their heads in shame.”

“That today was absolutely shit.”

“It was absolutely piss poor today. Arguably the worst advert for professional football that South Yorkshire has ever witnessed. Beighton Magpie vs Stocksbridge Park Steels would have delivered better quality, commitment and value. Truly the darkest of dark days for the beautiful game if the tripe chucked liberally on the pitch today is what passes for the third tier of the English game. Absolutely bloody rubbish.”

“Think they had maybe three proper attempts on goal all game. Maybe less.”

“Blades were poor and there for the taking. Our players might as well have presented theirs with a rose in the prematch warm up and invited them to walk all over us. Let’s be right, they didn’t have to do too much more than walk!”

“Worst game of football I have ever seen..”

“Terrible game two dire sides. “

“A good team Would have put 6 or 7 past us today, and about 3 or 4 past Sheffield United.”

“Yep, two poor teams. They’ve no chance of getting in the play offs, never mind winning it.”

“I don’t quite know what I watched today at the Keepmoat, but it bore little relation to football”

“S**t is being kind to both sides.
A truly awful match which was barely Sunday League standard at times. It was probably criminal either side won!”

“The day was only let down by 2 teams who have apparently given up Football for lent”

“Thought they deserved the win”

“Campbell-Ryce is a very good winger at this level and think that was even battle between him and Cedric.”

“9,200 today With almost 3900 from Utd.
Poor turn out really. What happened with the club stating that sales were almost on par with the Stoke game?”

“Corrected to 10100. A bit better at least!”

“Don’t deserve anyone to turn up for next match.”

“Hearing from blunt mate that the away concourse got ttrashed today…tables smashed and toilets smashed up.”

“Probably as angry as we were at the shite dished up today – but they had to pay for travel as well.”

“Seen some footage on YouTube. No Police in sight. DRFC should be refusing to pay the extra Policing costs and sending the bill to Sheff Utd.”

“I would have joined in tbh, worst pile o shite I have ever seen!”

“Most of em headed for Concourse on 37 minutes … I thought that the Blades were going to charge £37 for Third Division s*** next Season and they were doing a Liverpool
Neither Team is going anywhere soon !”


By Roy

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