Bury 1-0 Blades

“incredibly disappointed in Sheffield United. Played some lovely stuff at times, but completely toothless in the final third, seemed to completely run out of ideas around our penalty area.”

“Entertaining game. Played well, competed well and deserved three points. They were poor apart from the first 5 minutes of the second half.”

“Sheff Utd didnt really offered anything. No atmosphere in the ground which is a shame for what should’ve been one of the big games of the season.”

“Can We Play You Every Week”

“Lowe and Clarke dragged them all over the place”

“Great night to be a shaker! Better crowd than I expected too, 2,250 home fans ain’t awful considering recent form and the fact we used to struggle to get 2,000 total crowds as recently as 3 years ago. Good night all round and pleased for Flickers sake. “

“I must say , I was surprised how poor Sheff U were.”

“Totally agree”

“Theeir fantastic away support deserves better than they’re getting at the moment. It was a shocking performance tonight – no wonder they gave them the bird at the end. It seems to me that it takes a very special gift to keep a club the size of the Blades rooted in the third division but their board seems to have found it.”

“Two great saves by theirr goalkeeper. My observations of their side for what it’s worth…
Defenders passing it side to side, then to the midfield who do the same and then…it ends.
No second or third balls won. Having said that, after Saturday, our players REALLY wanted them.
two central defenders were as clumsy and lethargic as i’ve seen in this division. Are they always like that? Brayford – is he a right back? Struggled against Mayor but he didn’t seem to know where he was.
Campbell-Rice put in the exact same performance as at Bramhall Lane. Has the ball for about five minutes on his own looking dangerous and then the manager or his teammates give up on him and we don’t see him again. I could see the sense of putting him against Pugh who lacks the pace of Riley but to be fair, he was already worrying Riley. Switching over to the other side actually ended his game.
Their players deserved that response from your fans. They seemed sick of all the dithering.”

“I thought the Blades missed a trick when they decided to put their winger (Campbell-Rice?) up against Pugh for about 10 minutes ……and then took him off. Got out of jail there imo, he looked as though he could get round him at will.”

“Sheffield Utd were very poor”

“Sheffield United were terrible! Gave us far too much space. Really surprised as Adkins was a good manager at Southampton. We looked like we wanted it far more.”


By Roy

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