“Well, Friday looks like it’ll be a barrel of laughs. One team that expected to be going up but probably isn’t against another team that is going down. Oh joy. Not really bothered what we do, won’t make any difference. As for Sheff U, depends which Sheff U turn up. They seem to range from awful to awesome with nothing in between.
We are consistently shit, but Sheff U are just inconsistent. Expecting this to be an easy home win, score first and we’ll just wave the white flag”

“Got a feeling we might just take all the points here.”

“When does the rot stop? Assuming now we are going to be in Lg 2 next season still with Davis, Collins and Baker there, the three people directly responsible for our dire predicament of three seasons of mediocrity, nothing will change, we will still be over reliant on Academy players, journeymen signings we have now and loanees, trialists we don`t sign no matter how good they appear, there`s apathy, fan anger and discontent and it won`t change will it, I can see us struggling in Lg 2 as we will be facing hard tackling teams and players which has been seen in the past not suited to our way of football, we may be struggling again unless there`s big changes, will it happen? change of fortune?”

“Like the saying goes If you think this season has been bad You seen nothing yet!!”

“The board dont take the first team seriously”

“Over the years I’ve been much more of a glass half-full rather than a glass half-empty supporter, but I left Saturday’s match against Blackpool questioning exactly what I’m doing with my Saturday afternoons. The team isn’t good enough. The players don’t appear to be fit enough. The pitch isn’t good enough The atmosphere isn’t good enough. There appears to be no real drive and commitment from the players, which may be a fault of the manager’s. It’s just not enjoyable.” “I’m depressed and wondering whether to reclaim my weekends next season.”

“We can’t beat 10 men Blackpool at home….
We’ll be a good 10 points adrift if not already down by the time we hit the last four games. Team waved the white flag a few weeks ago.”

“The Directors have forgotten that football is a results business and failure is not acceptable and also forgot that we are a league club with long suffering fans who don’t complain or demonstrate like most others. Its called being taken for granted, like none coming out to explain WHY things have deteriorated so much. The writing was on the wall TEN years ago and Bowler said, “Lessons will be learned”
Have they?”

“Any Crewe fan being positive is actually damaging the club as action is needed before we are Stockport mark 2.”

By Roy

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