“End of the day this is our first season back.
I predicted we’d be in the play offs or thereabouts as we have for a few years now.
We will be back in the Championship,we’ll keep banging on the door till it crashes open “

“5351 home tickets sold so far. I don’t know what the final total will be, but I can’t see Sheffield bringing down anywhere near as many as they would have done on Easter Monday. We really need a good result to lift the players and the fans after the Rochdale pain” “Personally can’t see sheffield united bringing anymore than about 600 odd. I’m sure they would have brought about 1500 on the Monday in a 8k+ gate. As it is we will be lucky to hit 7k with it being on TV.”

“any performance better than the Rochdale one, will be an improvement in my books. So in that case, being forever the optimist….. Im going for a tough and very lucky 2-1 win completely against all odds.” “our fullbacks struggled v Rochdale “

“Sheffield will be a tougher test than when we drew at their place”

“Would anyone else be slightly irritated if our heroes manage to raise their game for the Sky cameras again ?!?”

“2-0 to SUFC.HEHEHE”

“I love a Wednesday evening rearranged game, I can’t wait!”

“If, as Phil says, the season’s dreams are over then this game ought to be the start of planning for next season.
And a time to play for contracts and play with freedom.
AND, after my comments above, the fringe, not too sure future players need to be given their chance so O’Neil, the Pole, MacL need to get game time; AND we need to have some width and crosses for Ty to get on to.”

“It’s becoming abundantly clear that either Sheffield United or us will be gone from the playoffs on Thursday morning (Wednesday Night) my time. A draw won’t help either team, both need a win.”

“its clear its all or bust, and now Scunthorpe winning 6-0 , we need to win, & we need to win big”

“Its that Scunthorpe result that really hurt us, we could have climbed up 2 places even if they won 1-0 today & we got a draw with Sheffield, now the best we can do is climb up one place leap frogging Port Vale on goal difference if we hold off for a draw.”

“Isn’t there more money involved the higher you finish in the table at the end of the season? If so play your strongest team,, finish as high as we can and see where that takes us!”

“Are we the biggest underachievers in World football? With the play-offs now gone (almost) and lots of unrealistic posts on which players or managers we should looking to sign. I was reminded of a conversation I had with a fellow shrimper last week.
I’m not a stats man but roughly we have been around for 110 years and spent all but 7 seasons in the lower 2 divisions and never beaten a top club in the FA cup.Many of you are old enough to have stood in that 31,000 crowd v Liverpool. Sothe my question……Is there another team that has ever had that sort of attendance and achieved so little. Can’t think of any in Britain, so what about Europe and dare I say the rest of the world. “ “Really don’t think we are, there are several League teams that lose play offs, fall just short of promotion.. tbh we’ve done quite well in the last thirteen years alone despite off field problems”

“The last 12 years or so have been filled with achievements to be fair, even if we have a couple of relegations thrown into the mix. And we may have failed to beat a top side in the FA Cup but we DID beat the Premier League Champions and current holders in the Carling Cup – the biggest club in English football.
We must surely also be the most “successful unsuccessful” team in Football League Trophy history reaching 3 finals and losing them all 2-0!
Supporting Southend can be frustrating but it’s never boring…..”

“Plymouth Argyle have not won a great deal and had 43,596 at Home Park, enjoy the support of large swathes of Devon & Cornwall! “

“Yes, I would go with Plymouth Argyle as major under achievers. With a population of nigh on 300,000 in the city and much of Cornwall and western Devon to itself this club should have achieved some success in its history. While we’re in the South West Bristol City deserve a mention too – just a handful of seasons in the First Division long ago despite being in one of England’s major cities. “

“If we’re going by highest attendance we aren’t even close to being the biggest underachievers, Port Vale have had similar success to us and have a record attendance of 49,768 (1960 vs Aston Villa).”

By Roy

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