“Could have Dack and Egan back in the starting 11 for this. That would be splendid.”

“Tough game but having Dack, Egan and McDonald back are massive boosts, expect cody to start with Samuel looking like he will miss this one”

“I doubt if Dack is ready to play 90 minutes but just to have him back is a boost for the whole squad.
We need a win though, draws are no good now, even we are unbeaten in 5.”

“Sheff Utd were the only side not to concede a goal in the first 10 minutes of games at all last season and only let in 4 this season. The Gills have conceded 3 and 5 respectively. Before last season’s 2-1 defeat at Brammall Lane, the Gills were unbeaten in 6 games there (2 wins). 3 of the 4 consecutive draws ended 0-0.
Sheffield Utd have won 4 of their last 5 home games but they, along with an away draw, are their only points in 10 league matches.
The last 13 games have seen the Gills score 1 more goal than Utd but whilst the Gills have remained constant, Utd have scored 11 in their last 6 games after just 2 in 7.
Sheffield Utd have the joint fewest home blank sheets (2) but have 7 in away games. 6 have come in their last 13 league games overall.
The Gills have conceded 1 goal in 5 games keeping 4 clean sheets. Sheff Utd have conceded 6 goals in 5 games keeping 2 clean sheets.
Utd’s joint worst home spell this season is the final 10 mins where they have scored 2 goals let in 6. Their goals in last season’s fixture came in the 87th and 97th minutes. ”

“Tough one, of course there are no real easy games at this time of the season, I sure hope Sheffield’s memory doesn’t go as far back as the first game of the season, wish we had won that say 1-0, I bet there manager has been thumping on about that 4-0 drubbing all week, lol. I can hear it now………to Gillingham, ******* Gillingham, God Dam Gillingham, hahaha, bas>>rds can’t even afford a covered stand at one end of that cow pasture, bunch of bloody travelers caravans on their training pitch, and you clowns did what, LOST 4-0, lol, whoo hoo, GO BIG BLUE.”

“A tough game.At home they have won their last three games,their recent one 2-0 against Walsall.The game back in August at Priestfield was a fantastic result with us winning 4-0,but I don`t expect another win like that on Saturday! I would be pleased with a point,but we`re capable of winning.”

“Sheffield are probably mentally on the beach by now, so I’m hoping for an away win.”

“I’d take that as this is one of our hardest (on paper) remaining fixtures. How we do tomorrow completely depends on if our key players returning from injury (Egan, Dack and Macdonald) are fit and how long they play. If Dack starts and the other two play a role, I think we can get a win, if they are only bit part players, with Samuel injured, I can only see us nicking a draw at best and continuing the struggle we had last week against an out of form Coventry side. “

“A tough game with Utd`s good home form of late.Like others I would take a point.Just under 500 tickets sold at the moment.”

“For sure Sheffield will want to start the game on the front foot so we will need our back line to hold firm.”

“This will be a good game to win but very difficult”

“Looking on their forums, Blades fans are as nervous as us about tomorrow. Plenty do not have faith in their squad either. An interesting stat came out that Sheff Utd have not come from a goal behind to win all season. Let’s hope we score first and keep that record running”

“Sheffield is a great city for drinking and eating.”

“Mate has just sent me a “to be avoided” list
The Penny Black
The Howard – Banned Blades drinking venue
Red Lion – Won’t get served with a Southern accent on a matchplay
Roebuck Tavern – Shocking beer
The Globe – See The Howard”

“I always thought The Howard was the designated away fans pub (always a big police presence around it on a match day…)?
Either way – The pubs immediately around Bramall Lane, Railway / Cricketers / Sheaf House, The Clubhouse are the only ones I’d recommend avoiding.
Who needs rubbish pubs however…
Sheff Tap, Rutland Arms, Devonshire Cat are all excellent options for beers. Those with a bit of time on their hands The Sheaf View in Heeley or any of the pubs in Kelham Island are top although a bit further away. Worth noting the Tap and some of the pubs in town will want colours covered – being a two team city, places can get a bit tetchy.
Either way, Bramall Lane isn’t too far from the city centre. Hopefully all enjoy their trips up and 3 points are returned
As a team, they can’t defend and have a huge panic any team anyone steps into their half. Hopefully our front 2 (and hopefully Dack…) can make the most of that.”


By Roy

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