“I am absolutely buzzing!!! In the words of the great Kevin Keegan…. “I would love it if we beat them!!!” COME ON LADS…”

“Was listening to BBC Sheffield’s praise or grumble on the way home after Saturday and was interested to hear the thoughts of some Sheff Utd fans on Adkins.Some simply want him gone and question his ability to motivate the team. Which I thought was interesting given that, certainly while he was here, his man management and motivational skills were possibly top of his CV. He certainly got the best out of the players, some of which were out of their comfort (and ability) zone in the Championship.Perhaps he can fail to motivate them for just one more match.”

“I was travelling up the M1 a few weeks ago, Trouble, and heard a phone-in on a similar subject while passing through Sheffield. Blades fans were very unhappy with Nige on that, so I don’t know how much longer he can hold on at Bramall Lane.I think Nige is good at motivating players when it’s “them versus the world”, ie he’s great at a small club such as ours or a club that was really struggling, such as Soton before they made it back to the Premier League. Otherwise he seems to be found wanting.It’s ironic that he might stand between us and a play-off place!”

“He will be sacked after Sunday irrespective of the result. Like Coventry they need promotion as they are a big club as are Barnsley really.”

“I think we will see the usual trend unfortunately of a manager losing his job after a game against little old Scunny,and that it won’t matter what the result is,and unfortunately it will be a Iron legend who will get the chop.”

“Nigel says there will be no favours shown !! So kind of him. Good because we will not show any to him. Just have that thought
that the win is ours. The players know what is needed and they will
deliver for their manager and the shirt. The only worry – the officials !”

“We’ve moved on and we don’t expect or want any favors from Adkins”

“let’s face it,he lived off the fumes of Brian Laws for years”

“May need paramedics on standby for self harming and for Nigel’s safety judging by the Blades forums”

“On the latest poll on their forum it would seem that the majority of fans would rather get shut of the board and some of the players before Nige. They do wonder about his ability to motivate which does seem strange to us. Upside for us is that there seems to be a bit of apathy around Sunday’s game -‘can’t bear to watch little old Scunny fighting for a play off place’. “

“Interest in Scunthorpe seems at it’s highest point for the first time in a few years. When was the last time we took 3,000 to an away local derby ?”

“I’d be absolutey gutted if we didn’t make it, but the progress we have made has been fantastic and if it’s not to be, next year should be a good season regardless. “

By Roy

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