“Some of us on here thought that Sheffield United were promotion candidates last season. And again this season.This could be another closely fought game with a few goals again. Skybet says

Sheffield Utd 1/1

Draw 12/5”

“Can’t wait.
Proper football club.
Proper fans.
Proper stadium.
excellent drinking town.
And we always win there lol.
Seriously it feels like we are back in the c’ship when we are there.”

“According to the The Star Chris Wilder is expecting his team to get four wins in a row with the fourth one being over the Posh. They’ll have a battle on their hands”

“So, no Jermaine Anderson this weekend, unfortunately, due to his latest long-term injury. While Andrew Hughes red card means Jerome Binnom-Williams will start at left-back. “

“Posh simply cannot attack for 90 minutes. The players need to be briefed on how to protect a slim lead for x number of minutes. A simple fact in football is, when you decide to attack you are vulnerable to counter attack.
It is all well and good urging full backs to fly up the wing for 90 minutes but, concentrate on a little defending when the situation demands it, or else!
I am not prepared to offer a positive forecast for the Sheffield Unt match as I am skeptical about our defending. Do some work on it, Grant. Learn to park the bus, for a short time at least.”

“Park the bus?…We couldn’t park a push bike. 4 penalties conceded in 7 games…2 in injury time and we have thrown points away on Saturday and at Oxford.
We have experience but we don’t use it but ultimately we lack on pitch leadership

“There isn’t a leader at the club and there hasn’t been one in a long time.
Game management is shocking….You only have to look at our decision making and disciplinary record.”

“Really can’t imagine a positive result at Bramall Line. Smith will return at right back, McGee will continue in goal, but we’re still without Taffazoli in,central defence and now we’ve lost Anderson for the season. We’ll be good going forward, especially with Moncur on the pitch with Maddison, but the Blades will expose us at the other end of the pitch.”

“Tafazolli played a full 90 mins. on Tuesday and could be ready to return.”

  “What’s the use of full backs flying up the wing, crossing the ball and nobody has made a run in support, lazy, that’s what they are! Time after time it happens. Another thing to take into consideration is opposing managers are not daft, to counter that sort of attack all they have to do is make sure defenders are higher up the park and garner a simple offside. We need runners keeping just behind the ball, if our players are just behind the ball they are onside no matter where defenders are, or nothing is going to happen.
Moncur ran through them with the ball, that’s how to do it.”

“Moncur was a class act against Vale backed up by Maddison, Forrester, Bostwick and Baldwin”

By Roy

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