“In their infinite wisdom, Sky have decided that this will be one of the games to accompany sunday roasts up and down the land. Can’t say I’m overly excited about going to a Gills game on a sunday, but it is what it is.
So far this season we’ve won 3, drawn 1 and lost 1, which isn’t too bad. We have gone behind in all of those games bar 1 though, which is a tad worrying. Haven’t really noticed United’s results so far, but they always seem to start slowly.
A repeat of last years 4-0 would be lovely, but I don’t see us keeping a clean sheet.”

“we tend to concede first but then come back to get something, so United to score first and the game to finish as a draw is a damn good bet. “

“We tend to not show up on Sky, I remember that last minute winner v Wolves a couple years back.
And beating Tranmere about 10 years ago. Think that’s it for league wins? Unless my memory’s playing up (more than likely).”

“Duffy ran the show for Burton at our place last season.”

“A repeat of the 4-0 would be nice in front of a good crowd including (according to the club) a number of Gills legends.”

“should be a good game. We’ve been a bit inconsistent so it will be interesting to see which gills turns up this week”

“Interested to see how teams cope with both Emmanuel-Thomas and Dack in the same team.”

“We’ve had a great transfer window. Massive credit to Scally for backing Edinburgh and to JE for identifying/attracting such top players.”

“We’re on the up. Totally agree about the transfers. Even only another five/six months of Dack is a big bonus.”

“To be fair we have invested in quality players this window and kept the star.
Its hard to expect or ask for more “

“Every window I have been envious of other clubs signings in our division but this season we are that team!”

“I have had a look at the Sheffield Utd website, looks like we have only given them 1000 tickets. Seems strange as they sold 1800 last year.
Should be a good sized crowd as it’s kids for a quid aswell.”

“If they sell the tickets they have they may well be given more.But as has been said they are unlikely to bring as many this time.TV live game,Sunday afternoon kick off.Have had a poor start.”

“Sheffield is a great city, love my trips up there.”

By Roy

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