“This match is all about Chris Wilder.
Normally I’d use this first post to offer some valuable insight into the Oxford side, in the hope of improving the matchday experience for our friends in Sheffield. However I’m too bloody focused on Wilder, who all Oxford supporters talk about all the time. “

“Win away at Sheffield (still a tough ask) and this is a decent block of results, especially considering injuries/changes to squad etc”

“To try and be positive we haven’t lost by two clear goals in a competitive match for a long time (Blackburn FA Cup?) so that is a tremendous achievement considering where we have been in the past and many on here would do well to remember that.”

“Wilder has the win or should I say not lose at all cost mentality, it will be a tough match for us but he doesn’t know so much about this squad so we might get one over Chippy on this occasion.”

“Wilder Out!
I’m looking forward to shouting that again!!!!”

“A shame Jake Wright didn’t stay, could have done with him now.”

“This match was always going to be a big one considering they are somewhat rivals this season, but now that both of us are struggling, this match is a big relegation battle six-pointer too. I can’t wait!”

 “Without a doubt they are our bitter rivals, so much has happened between us and them.
You’re right it’s definitely a relegation battle! Although it’s only August, the outcome of this game will probably determine who finishes bottom. “

“We never seem to do well against them or Wilder for that matter. Hope that changes on Saturday.”

“if it a heavy win, I’d be happy to sign up to sheff player just to watch the wilder interview saying how we were bang at it”

“Our away allocation is huge and we surely won’t sell it all?”

“Yes that seems ridiculous. Any idea why Sheffield have done this?”

“They are calling us a pub team on their forum. Apples should print it out and use it for inspiration”.

“Are they still bitter from Nicky Banger scoring that free kick at Bramall Lane nigh on 20 years ago?”

“why do Sheffield United fans have such a dislike for Oxford? Very strange.”

“Jealousy mate, pure and simple.
We live in Oxford, they live in Sheffield.
They have a bigger club as their main rivals, we don’t.
They speak wit’ northern accent, we speak the queens English.
And they’ve got Wilder, we haven’t”

“Its Probably because we beat them through a Nicky Banger freekick, which was a rarity, at their place. Also notable for one of the best saves I ever seen live by Paul Gerrard. They’re from Yorkshire, long memories you see. They’ve never forgiven the orange one or Paul Gerrard.”

“They have got a pub team manager now though.
About the only notable thing they have done during my 37 years on this planet is threaten to sue West Ham after getting relegated.
Although thinking on it didnt they once claim they turned down the chance to sign Maradona, must be where Wilder picked that habit of his of claiming to have been offered every player first from.”

“They’re just a small Sheffield Wednesday!”

By Roy

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