“beginning to have some faith again”

“Proactive subs, a solid game plan, rejuvenated players.”

“I’m just enjoying the honeymoon period because it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed my football.”

“It’s like there’s a totally different set of players out there now.
With the right guidance and instructions players know what they are doing and that comes from the manager and coach something that Mellon / Jackson failed abysmally at.
Evidence is clearly there that Hurst and Doig are succeeding with so far.”

“Town players seem to have a totally different attitude .
When I see Deegan fighting to let the ball run out for a goal kick , preventing their forward from winning it and straight after urging those in the South Stand to get behind the team, when I see Ogogo win a fifty fifty ball with a crunching tackle and Dodds forcing their full back into the corner and not letting him hit it long I see players totally committed to the cause .
The vast majority of fans will forgive most things as long as the players put in the effort .
We did that on Saturday , defended to a man and got our reward.
I don’t expect anything against Sheffield United to be honest , they are far and away the best team I’ve seen at the Meddah this season but I’m sure we will give a good account of ourselves .”

“a point would be amazing on Saturday”

“If we get anything from Sheffield United – they tore Chesterfield apart in the second half Sunday – it will be one of the results of the season.”

“I’m still pretty buzzing from the result at the weekend so can’t wait for the weekend to come!
Next weekend we play Sheffield United again – after only 32 days since we played them at home. Saturday will also mark 100 days since Sheffield United suffered their last defeat.
Realistically, I can’t see us coming away with three points from this one, but I’d LOVE to be proved wrong.”

“No one will surely predict a Town win (??) but we are just hitting a good spell of form so who knows, we have a good record against both Sheffield clubs over the years. We might just get something.
If we had played it a few weeks ago they might have had to dig the old cricket scoreboard out to keep up with the goals. “

“Yeah. We have a task on our hands. For the first time in a long while (excluding cup runs) Blades are playing well.”

“They looked very, very good against Chesterfield at the weekend.
We’re going to have our hands full this weekend. If we can get anything from this game then it would be a superb effort.”

“I still expect a loss but I expect us to go down fighting in this game unlike the hapless mob did a few weeks ago.
It will be a narrow 1-0 or 2-1 but Sheffield will know they’ve been in a game.
Certainly no shame in that considering their form at the moment.
Having said that, who knows?? It’s just great to feel good about supporting the team right now and a narrow defeat should it happen won’t change that.”

“Can’t see us getting anything to be honest , Sheffield United are , in my humble opinion , nailed on to get promotion.
I know we were very poor at our place but they still looked a class side in this League.
I expect us to put in a performance so that we can carry our form into the next match and beyond.
So, no disgrace if we lose as long as we play well and compete .
Hope I’m wrong and we get something but it’s our performance I’m interested in rather than the result if that makes sense .
I should add I would like us to keep eleven men on the pitch ,we don’t want any of our lads getting over enthusiastic and getting sent off which could happen .”

“Got a feeling we can sneak it”

“Sheffield forward line looks scarily good”

“With Hurst being local Im hoping he knows a lot about Utd.”

“Apparently the ref is our friend Darren Deadman. Could the task get any harder?”

By Roy

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