“Personally after Saturday I am finding it hard to contemplate another game, but that is what we have to do as we play Sheffield United tomorrow.
They are playing well, they are very good at getting everyone into the midfield area and dominating possession whilst we are struggling to find a fit midfield to play for this game, and the ones that have played there and will play Tuesday have been outplayed in all but one game this season. Everything points to a 0-3, but this is BWFC, and it is often when things look at their bleakest that good things happen..
The article asks, “which Wanderers side would you pick”? Parky has a real job on here. It is a massive struggle for me to imagine a side we can play that can win. Wheater, Derik and Darby sound doubtful and given we have 2 games a week throughout September look likely to be out. Taylor sounds like he might be back. How about 4-4-1-1 and hope we can take advantage of their relative weakness in both boxes?”

“We’re going to get another hammering. As sad as that might be the fact we can barely field a fit 11 against a side bang in form speaks for itself.
Our midfield is dreadful at its best, but we’re really struggling now. I suspect that there will be a temptation to revert to a back three. Put Little right wing back and Taylor on the left. Stick Morais in Vela’s midfield role, Cullen and Karacan in front of the back four. Put ALF and Madine up front. Its the best I can do. Can’t see any 4 at the back working with the players we have currently.”

“I’m not sure about a hammering – but it will be a win for Sheff Utd”

“This lot have only won one championship away game in their last 5 seasons.
We should be getting something.”

“We’ll get something from this game – hopefully a win”

“It’s also worth noting that we’ve played and lost to 4 promotion chasers. The two that we should be looking to get points off, we did so away from home. Also when Parky changed formation last season it took him a while to get them to make it work. Then it did and we went on a run. Obviously that’s harder this season but a run of at least looking like we are willing to scrap for it would be nice.
Recently we’ve not looked like a Parky team. I wasn’t and never will expect flowing attacking football from teams he puts out, but organisation and fight should be a given. If the next 3-4 games don’t show at least this, he’ll start deserving some of the criticism that comes his way. So far he’s earned the right to have a bad spell and retain our full support.”

“We’re playing a side that came up with us at home. We have to look for all three points here. However, I note that they’ve recruited Clayton Donaldson to add to their attacking options of Billy Davies (who was on fire last season) and Ched Evans looking to score his first for them.
If we do lose tomorrow night, and my instinct tells me we will, then this season really is about damage limitation.”

“The only difference between the teams last season was a midfielder that no longer plays for us – They’ve strengthened. Our new recruits aren’t available”

“If we can’t look for 3 points here against a team that came up last season then fly the white flag now.
I am not hopeful but another meek surrender without getting stuck in and they can fck off for me.”

“even whilst riding relatively high, question marks hover over whether Parky could take a squad beyond League 1 successfully, and I think we’ve found that his level is indeed league 1”

“If I see another cross and free header goal for the opposition I think I’m going to self combust”

“Given the forecast for tomorrow night, it may be useful to use the keeper with the longest kick.”

“The gulf in class between League One and The Championship is huge”

“Sheff Utd are coping fine without spending a lot of money, we have got to pass better”

“They spent some though and already had a better squad than us”

“£1m they spent. Fuck all”

By Roy

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