“He was absolutely excellent”

“Whiteman says he prefers that more forward role.”

“He’s a good young player who will improve his all round game I’m sure.
Like a few players we have, perhaps have more going forward than defending but it’s up to DF to manage that balance.”

“Whiteman is very highly rated at United..I’ve been talking to a number blade customers,who always ask me how he was getting on..Bloody awful this last 6 weeks I tell them….Needless to say they all blamed us and are now worried we are destroying what they seem to think is a premier league player in waiting….If he is he’s disguising it very well…If the window was open he could go back for me and swap him for a fullback…”

“Whiteman is another who is highly rated but if you had been watching him over the last month you certainly wouldn’t think so…”

“Ben Whiteman should be going back to Sheff Utd in January for me, really struggling to see what he’s bringing to the team. He’s not a holding midfielder, he’s not creative enough just behind the striker, he just doesn’t get stuck in. He’s got a good shot on him but doesn’t use it enough”

“Takes ages on the ball and generally doesn’t look comfortable unless he’s in acres of space.”

“Whiteman simply hasn’t been what we hoped”

“The continued use of whiteman baffles me.”

“Whiteman is another player that plays consistently out of his best postion”

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