Burton 1-3 Blades



“Just back from the game. First thing to say is I thought the scoreboard looked fantastic.
Anyway, onto the game. No complaints whatsoever about the result as they were better in all departments with better more confident players. A bit like the Barnsley game where for 10 minutes we looked the better team but with the oppositions first attack they score.
We then get back in the game after half an hour or so(great goal Matty) and then concede within minutes with suspect defending. Great through ball by their number 21.
Second half we looked slightly better and then concede again with poor marking.
I’m not going to complain too much for fear of being branded anti Nigel which I am not but I have to say that the defence tonight were woeful. As if the opposition scoring easily is not bad enough tonight was one of the worst performances in terms of distribution I have ever seen from a professional team at this level. I really feel for the rest of the players as they chase hopeless balls(you can’t call them passes) which are just aimlessly punted forward. The difference between them and us in terms of composure was immense.”

“So they are top of the league?
Thought we showed them far too much respect.
All they did was pick up our hoof balls played out from certain defenders,play the ball back and start again.
We made it to easy for them.
They were definitely not the best team to come to the Pirelli this season!”

“Yes Sheff Utd are an OK side but after the barnsley game I along with a few others on here made our comments about the team and the mgt. After the Millwall game we were criticised by a few saying we should eat humble pie. Well I said after the barnsley game that some of our players are past their best Warnock should not be at the club yet alone playing, Clough left him out at millwall and we won yet for some bizarre reason played him tonight.Buxton too slow.I said Matty Palmer should play.Well how good is he our best player by a mile tonight..that proves my point. Where are the two Toms. Flannagan played at milwall oh and we won and as for Naylor what has he done wrong.yes Nigel is restricted with the players we can get but that is no excuse for playing players who are past their best or not good enough.that is solely Clough’s fault.”

“Yes it was bleak and depressing. I believe we have been unlucky with the injury to Boyce and his replacement Mason and as a consequence I think it was always going to be tough as we simply do not have a goal threat at all or anybody to hold it up. I’ve said it before but it needs to be damage limitation until January and then hope that we have identified some young guns who can make a difference and score us a goal or two. We don’t have too many to choose from but I do think tonight Nigel and the management team got it wrong with their selection and formation, maybe paying Sheff Utd too much respect and trying to nullify them tactically. What a tough job they all have currently though in trying to work a second miracle.”

“Really wish nige would look at changing more personnel. Too many balls wasted, kicked out or just lumped up field aimlessly. Lost count of the amount of mis kicks and poor passes. Very few positives tonight. Shite ref tho. “

“Too easy for the Blades tonight, once they went ahead”

“Shame about the result but what could we expect top of the league. SUFC got their tactics spot on, but we actually put a good performance in the second half.”

“Time for change stubborn clown won’t change it so it’s time to get someone who will”

“ forget your bust ups clough and do right for the team”

“He picks his faves”

“had a winning team last match so played the usual losing bollocks”

“All in all, Clough is continually playing players who are making mistakes and not helping the team or himself. Woeful.”

“Duffy proving what a good decision it was by NC to let him go! Lacking quality, pace & tactical nouse. NC undone all good work done by GR & JFH imo”

“That is ANOTHER loss. Fans can go on about our good defensive away performances but the number of goals being conceded at home is atrocious. Frustrating too when there are better players on the bench (e.g. Naylor) than the numerous liabilities in the starting 11”

“As for Clough, says we were beaten by ‘better, good, confident team’ – but acknowledges his side are struggling for confidence “


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  1. Nigel Cough cost us promotion by falling out with Collins and butler our two centre halves because they advised Harry McGuire to leave for the premiership Butler never played and Collins played about three games, so you are right saying Clough plays his favourites, Brayford is the prime example; great player though it all about Clough’s ego not the team.

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