Blades 1-1 Birmingham




“a deserved point”

“deserved the point at least”

“we came to spoil and frustrate them hopefully pinch something on the break. Almost executed perfectly.”

“Cotterill got it right. Despite our players still being incapable of passing the ball.”

“Fantastic battling spirit and work rate though, virtually faultless effort wise but terrible technical wise for most of the match.”

“Not bad by any means compared to previous efforts but the passing was very poor.
Great work rate, desire and effort which is the first battle in staying up though.
Could have rolled over at 1-1 easily.
They didn’t and that’s a big positive.”

“people are hard to please. Played the team in third, who have scored the second most goals in the league, away from home and more or less made them look a bit impotent, albeit while looking like a team of mostly runners, tacklers and blockers, with the occasional glimmer of better stuff.”

“That performance is being praised. What a total shambles.
We couldn’t pass wind never mind a round thing called a football. “

“I thought we were absolutely dire again and apart from Boga’s superb strike it would have been another warranted 90 minutes without a goal. Absolutely no-one appears to be able to control or retain possession. We are ponderous on the counter attack which is concerning when we have around 35% of the possession. Dean and Stockdale were the only ones who came out with any credit.”

“Sheffield United wont finish in the top 6 this season. In fact i reckon they will finish below 10th and we played like we were facing Barcelona”

“Sheffield look a limited team who play to their strengths.”

“You’re right. Should have hammered them.”

”I assume that Clarke would’ve been Morrisons responsibility to mark but he was nowhere near him and check Jota out…he was around 10 yards to Clarke’s right, ambling around marking no one
Ffs, he is their leading goalscorer so I’m sure they must’ve been told do not let him have time on the ball at all costs…He had an age to line up
And don’t start me on Morrison turning his back when the shot came in
That said, it’s a point away so am relatively happy but it could’ve been 3”

“The time that Best had to line up their goal was embarrassing from a defensive point of view.He had an age to just wait for the cutback with nobody within yards of him.Apart from that they didn’t really create that much for all their possession and it should have been 3 points.”

“Criminal from Jota.
May as well have been wearing a red and white stripy top when that goal went in.”

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