“Defeat at Middlesbrough means we have failed to win away in our last 37 games. Saturday’s trip to Sheffield United will come 1,000 days since we won 3-0 at Cardiff on April 6th, 2015”

“we’ve played 104 championship away games since relegation, won 16, drew 27, lost 61.”

“We will win away again in this league eventually.”

“I’ve been to countless matches under Parky’s reign and been quite mortified by the style of play. I don’t deny that. But can you honestly say that with this group of nobodies – loan players that haven’t started shaving yet, cheap freebies, etc. – he could give some other strategy a go, and if it didn’t work, everybody would stand back and say: fair play, we tried something different, we’re still shit, we’ve just gotta see out this season and let Parky start rebuilding again for League One.”

“You massive knob. Against Sheffield Wednesday we were superb, the game could have gone either way but we won and created a shitload of chances.
The players have proved they can do it, but Parky still insists on this spoiling tactic THAT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK.”

“If he actually tried something new and we started to actually play a bit of football then i think most fans wouldn’t give him any more shit than he already gets if we did get relegated.
What do we have to lose? All this blind optimism that we just keep doing what we are doing and it will come good is just wishful thinking, we’ve had a bit better form of late but we are still in the bottom 3 and as i said we have little actual goal threat.
People will just not pay good money to watch us at the moment so KA is deluding himself if he thinks people are going to turn up to watch us play route one and start with 1 striker and 2 holding midfielders at home.”

“Can’t see much from this sadly”

“I can see a dam good thrashing for us.”

“Another defeat looming here”

“Just enjoying the day out and anything is a bonus”

“Just been reading some Sheffield fans saying we can’t be worse than Sunderland hmm….”

“Sheff U win 9-0, Ken Anderson sitting in the home end shouts, “your support is f*cking shit” to the away end.
10 minutes delay added on at the end, due to a Beevers long ball entering orbit, getting Parky aroused into the process.”

“I am now at the point where the actual away game is spoiling a day out on the beer, especially in this weather. Strangely though, I fancy us to take something from the game.”

“Personally think Sheffield over rated if we go for it think we can win it 2-3.”

“We wouldn’t score 3 if they played with 9 men and no goal keeper.”

“They have lost their early season form. We can get a draw”

“When they were flying at the start of the season and we were losing to nil every week they only scraped a 0-1.Bolton to square the ledger and nick a 0-1 themselves.”


One thought on “Pre-Match View From Bolton”
  1. May the best team win.We lost our form immediately after our extremely key midfielder Coutts broke his leg at Burton ( it wasn’t a gradual loss of form)Stand in player lundstram ( and the team ) has taken about 7 games to get up to speed . Lundstram nearly got best player at villa away two games ago but last game against Sunderland he scored and got man of the match. Hopefully we can kick on and get another run going. At the moment we don’t have a lot of strength in depth ,but in Wilder we trust. UTB

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