“Bring on Sheffield United. We did OK second half on Wednesday but basically gifted em two real lame goals and that was game over. Horrible rainy night as well.
Need to keep it tight Saturday, cut out the mistakes, focus and play a bit. We regroup and go at it again. We refuse to revel in the misery, that’s not what we do. A few neat final balls and good efforts on goal early on would be nice.”

“Season starrttttssssss NOW”

“ I ain’t fussed if we have 0 shots on goal all game and are camped in our own half for 80 minutes if we get a major feck up (Colin-esque) own goal from them and win 1-0.
Just need points now.”

“Everyone will be able to see just how poor we really are. I’m getting to the stage where, although looking forward to matches as always, I dread each match and what will happen to us.
Our squad is so unbalanced and also lacks a creative central midfield player and goal scorer so we are up against it no matter who we play. I reckon even Stourbridge could give Blues a run for their money nowadays and they’ve got problems themselves.
Somebody please give me a straw to catch hold of because I’m rapidly sinking.”

“If we can come away with another 2-0 defeat we will have done well as we’ll be hoping for other team’s results going our way. “

“Absolute disaster…we have spent £16m ? and are in a desperate state.
Why did we sack Rowett?
Why didn’t we give Redknapp a chance with the players he bought?”

“A minimum of 4 goals for Sheff Utd on Saturday. We don’t tackle and show no fight at all. Get that early goal and our heads drop. It’s all too predictable” “further trashings against Sheff Utd and Wolves and SC might be shown the door.”

“Our chances of getting anything is minimal”

“Blues’ away record: 9 games played, 3 goals scored, 19 conceded, 6 conceded in the first 15 mins”

“Why is it that 11 footballers can perform so differently away from home compared to at their home ground?
It’s not like the pitches change things any more and they don’t have long journeys, Blues flew up yesterday.
It’s actually pathetic.”

“Why the fuck are we so shit away? Like how is this even possible? This team is so fucking hit and miss we could smash fucking wolves and lose to Sunderland! What the actual fuck”

“Not sure what our fitness/rehabilitation team are doing re. Adams…he’s had to come off 3 times hasn’t he with hamstrings? Throw into the mix all the other hamstring problems with other players…..?”

“Take your boots you might get a game the way it is going”

“We’re going to get dry humped the next three games”

“We’re gonna get dry bummed on Saturday, they should put it on the Adult Channel.”

“They aren’t allowed to televise anal sex.”

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