“If AVFC win and Derby lose their match, then AVFC will go 2nd if the GD and Goals Scored are in our favour.
There is no double pending for AVFC this time, nevertheless, let it be 5 wins in a row !”

“It’ll be a difficult game but I’d take a draw which will bring us nicely into two very easy home games against Burton and Blues.”

“Winning this will be the sweetest one yet. Will be absolutely massive, 5 in a row with Burton and Small Heath round the corner. ITS HAPPENING”

“It just hit me how good our team is for this league. I know I’ve been banging about it all season, but actually seeing it on paper really drives it home. “

“Our team is premier league quality. We really need to be winning most matches in this league.”

“We should fear nobody at the moment.”

“Could be a battle royale this one couldn’t it? Massive game – or should that be another massive game!?”

“will be our hardest game of this set of 5 fixtures. Although in isolation a draw would be a good result it will also be a disappointment, need to keep the pressure on and own this league now.”

“The Sheff United game is the tricky one but i think they are in a false position too. We should beat them.”

“Sheff Utd only know one way to play and that should play into our hands. We just need to keep them out at the other end.”

“They will be tired after the game on Saturday, and the reason I believe we will beat them. “

“They didn’t play a full strength side. Basham, Stevens, O’Connell all on the bench”


“This is a win. I believe in us. Unbelievable. “

By Roy

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