“Let’s get this down right away, Sheff Utd are no mugs but we made them look very very average. Wolves never GOT out of fust gear and we strolled it from the first minute. Both opening goals were as good as I’ve seen well erm since Neves or Jota against Hull and Millwall. We are going up and nobody is touching us, there I’ve said it.”

“Great win, thought we were a class above, against a very good team. Once we went 1-0 up so early, think that set the tone for the rest of the game. Sheffield United had lots of the ball, but only when we let them, in areas they weren’t gonna hurt us, as soon as they got near our goal, we got it back, and always looked a danger on the break.
Shocking challenge from their keeper on Jota, deserves a lot longer than 3 games as a ban. Could have done serious damage.”

“I don’t think Sheffield United we bad, I just though we turned it on tonight. The few times we have played at that capacity this season (Villa, Leeds, Bolton etc) I think we are simply unstoppable. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, because there are some very good sides and players at this level. Sheff Utd shouldn’t get to disheartened though, they won’t play many teams like the one they did tonight, and they already took 3 points from us. “

“The thing is though that Sheffield United played well, and certainly caused us some problems. They are a good team who are a credit to their manager. Hopefully Chris Wilder gets funds in the summer to push the Blades on.”

“Thought that Sheff Utd were better than many we have played this season, but if we are on it then no one is living with us”

“This was a top quality game for the Championship and kudos to Sheff. Utd. for coming to play.
As Wilder said, they couldn’t ‘get a glove’ on us as we were so good. We definitely turned up for this one, and as a team we were superb. “

“I wouldn’t say Sheff Utd were a poor side but Wolves just seemed to brush them aside as if swatting a fly away from the food table. Wolves allowed them to have possesion in their own half and play pass it among yourselves stuff but once in Wolves half they closed them down, harried them and broke with such ease it seemed as if Wolves were playing against a side that started the game 3 players light.”

“Sheff Utd played well, not often you can be 2-0 so early on and literally not blame anyone or feel disappointed.”

“A truly comprehensive victory against a decent Blades team.” “nice to see a team come to the Mol and give it a go rather than parking the bus.
However. Totally outclassed by a team which wouldn’t look a miss in the Champions league .”

“Hopefully not. Hope they go back to Div 1…quickly. “

“We are just too good for this league. Neves and Jota play for Wolves. It’s bizarre”

“Half the Prem couldn’t have lived with us tonight, on to the next one!”

“Destroyed Sheffield United, that football we played was some of the filthiest stuff I’ve watched since a drunken night in Bangkok many moons ago.

“Total dominance, in complete control from start to finish, never in doubt, Sheff Utd came to have a go and only mustered 1 weak effort on target. We looked dangerous everytime going forward.”
“Sheffield came out to have a go, but Neves settled my nerves with that sublime goal, and there was no looking back. Can not fault anyone tonight. Totally in control, even when letting Sheffield play with the ball. Extra points as Clarke looked sick as a parrot at the end after his deflection helped the Cav shot in.”

“We swatted them away like an irritating bluebottle”

“Basically bossed them off the park within the first 10 mins Sheffield gave up after the second goal.Overall an easy win. Thought they was dirty and Lee Evans is a terrible player tried fouling us didn’t work. “

“thought Evans acted like a real asshole against Costa in particular.”

“As soon as Wilder talked pre-match about playing someone behind the forwards and going for it, the game was over. Every single team that has had a go this season has been dispatched with ease. It really isn’t the way to set up against us. “ “Very respectful post match from Wilder – fair play to him.”

“kudos to Sheffield Utd’s boss, Chris Wilder, for his generous praise of Wolves after the match with the grace of acknowledging his team were well beaten (and as others have said they are are a pretty good Championship side who will be close to the play-offs when the season concludes).”

“Gotta love Blades fans:
“Am I the only one who thinks Wolves defence isn’t all that? Fair enough if we lose the game but for all the talk about attacking them pre game we don’ seem to have really had a pop at them and put their defence under any sort of pressure. Their defence could each have rolled up a fag and had a cup of tea tonight.”
“Wolves look classy. You’ve still got to build a team but it’s obvious you need a hundred million Chinese quids and a blind eye to FFP rules to succeed now.”
Sour grapes much.”

“I’ve been respectful to all fans of other teams this season, but these lot, this was a sweet victory. “

“I thought their fans were awful, I expected much more from them.”

“Really good match write up on the Sheffield UTD forum really bigging us up and no sour grapes l,which is nice to see. “


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