“We are definitely going to be on it for this one and I can see them suffering.”

“We need to win by two to show the villa they are not wolves yet”

“Wolves should be on a real high. Sheff U have just been knocked out of the Cup and lost in mid-week. Not much to play for. “

“Sheff Utd will have to go for it. They could drop another couple of places by the time the 3pm’s are over they will need to go gung ho. We will soak up the early onslaught and pick them off at will.”

“I think the general feeling in our home games is they’ll be 0-0 unless we have a moment of magic…like a Neves or Douglas free kick…and then we punish our opponents about 3-0 who have to open up”.

“This is was posted on a Sheffield Forum today, and their not talking about us lol
“We are one of if not the best footballing sides in this division.””

“Deluded was the first word that came to mind.”

“They’ve got Evans, Clarke and Stearman which should just about say it all. Decent pros but so far away from where we are and where we’re aiming for now it’s laughable.
Look forward to showing them exactly what 11 on 11 can do as they’ve been giving it all that ever since the Brammal Lane game.”

“Revenge over Sheffield United in particular would be sweet.
But let’s not forget they’ll be thinking: “we can be the first to do the double over the mighty Wolves this season””

“If I’m honest, the way they spoke about Wolves on their forums etc after they beat us and ever since… I hope we ****ing stuff them.
As for QPR, meh, we’ll beat them. Sheff Utd one feels much bigger and they will be up for it. I know their fans are reading this, enjoy your cup final lads. We’ll be ready.”

“Gone right off the Blades… reading there Forum after they beat us! Really hope we win this and play them off the park whilst doing it.”

“In fairness we wouldn’t have lost to Sheffield United if Coady hadn’t have walked. Even at 10 men we had moments (the penalty for example). All in all it wasn’t our day, but they were just organised. They’ve lost a lot of momentum over the last 2 months.”

“Have a few blade friends who were giving it large earlier in the season but have spent the last few months in a massive retreat. As a result, I have a unique insight into the psyche of the average blade and so here’s their standard excuses for when they get beat:
1. They would have beaten us if they’d had their first choice midfield available. Whenever they lose it’s always down to them being one or more short in midfield. Admittedly, this argument is going to be more difficult to pull-off now they’ve signed a few. Their first choice midfield are: coutts, some bloke who isn’t coutts, another bloke who isn’t coutts, and another bloke who I’ve never heard of but definitely isn’t as good as coutts. By the way coutts is the best player in the championship and is highly rated by all SU fans. P.S. Coutts suffered a broken leg in a match against Burton literally ages ago but this doesn’t stop SU fans constantly harping on about him. As an update, SU fans are currently petitioning the EFL to get Burton’s villain of the piece banned for life despite the fact that said villain merely attempted to block coutts’ shot and the referee didn’t see the challenge as a foul never mind a booking.
2. Their entire squad, training ground, & stadium, cost less than Neves. They’re very fond of proclaiming that they have the smallest budget in the championship (except they don’t) and will be quick to point this out when they get stuffed. There’s nothing at all ironic in this position despite the fact that they bought promotion from league 1 with the largest budget of all competing clubs and posted a thumping £6 million loss last year. As an aside, Neves isn’t fit to lace Coutts’ boots.
3. Undoubtedly our win will be down to us scoring a worldy. Whenever SU lose it’s because the opposition either: a) score a worldy; b) played out of their skins, e.g. Fulham; c) got lucky, as in, Fulham scored 5 lucky goals.
4. SU got a player undeservedly sent off. As in, since when did a two footed studs up leg breaking lunge 1ft off the ground warrant a red card??? Flecks’ perfectly legitimate well timed tackle was deemed worthy of a red by the overly officious referee of their encounter with Bristol City. Korey Smith, the villain of the piece for successfully influencing the referee due to his theatrics, stupidly took things way too far by actually going off injured. Yes, he went off injured and the knuckle draggers still say he was a play acting wimp. Football is now played by pansies. BC went on to beat SU but only because Fleck was undeservedly sent off and BC got extremely lucky. BC definitely didn’t deserve to win and Wilder definitely didn’t **** things up with his tactics and substitutions. P.S. Wilder is God since achieving promotion from league 1 despite his hands being tied and forced to work miracles with the largest budget in the division.
5. We were nothing special and they battered us at their place. They won’t mention us being a man down for 80 minutes.
Don’t forget: you heard them here first. “

“this is all spot on and is exactly what I have had to put up with all season! Although some of them have actually started to question Wilder now that they are off the pace. Not so many blindly using the phrase “in Wilder we trust” now.” “

At least they’ve quietened down a bit now though. Don’t hear too much about them going up automatically but they’re soooo unlucky. There’s a post on their forum whining on about how every time the opposition shoots they score. They’ve backed-up this ridiculous statement with statistics! “

“A very tough match in prospect.”

“It’ll be tough but I reckon we’ll clinch it.”

“Think this’ll be a really tough game. One of the faster, fitter teams in the division and Leon, Donaldson and Wilson will be a handful.”

“Lee Evans to of course have a blinder. Stearman to score from a corner. Obviously Clarke will score, and if memory serves me correctly Billy Sharp likes to get on the scoresheet against us.”

“After Forest, visiting teams will fancy their chances now.”

By Roy

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  1. Full of it now youve spent the millions where were you before the money came in you just like Man City and the rest. Whatever the result honours even UTB

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