“Roll on next season. I thought SU were poor so I don’t know where that puts us? We improved second half, but still looked venerable at the back due to gaping holes in our midfield. Siaz, Cooper and Barardi to come back in, will it improve us enough? Unlike TC I expect PH to use the rest of this season to try out some different tactical formations ready to trim the squad for next season. No papering over the cracks for me we were poor!”

“The goal was a highlight but apart from that nothing much, didnt deserve to win, probe didnt really deserve a point either.”

“Generally second best over most of the park though but ok performance”

“Yet again against better opposition we lost”

“We dont have the personnel to battle adequately against teams like Sheff Utd and therefore we are always on the back foot”

“Very disappointing result but as said, plenty to build on, thought the team showed good spirit and there were some decent performances too. Think Sheff U deserved the win but a draw would not have been outrageous.”

“One of these days, some of these decisions may go for us rather than against us. I know they say they even themselves out over a season but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.”

“Deserved a draw”

“O.k. Performance I thought. A bit unlucky.”

“We did not deserve to lose that!”

“wtf was heck thinking appointing O’Kane as captain? He was utterly useless. What happened to the “new manager bounce”? wow we really impressed our manager”

“O’Kane was their best player”

“O’Kane is back …same as usual . CRAP . Is he really a footballer ?
No one sent off but in effect with O’Kane on the pitch you are down to 10 men anyway .
Please can’t they get rid of him . Its getting to the stage I really hate his name anywhere near the teamsheet Why can’t another team suffer from having him in their team . Its really not fair .”

“really poor defensive header from O’Kane which went straight to Sharpe”

“Sharp is a class player at this level. We never used him to the best of his ability.”

“Sharp was head and shoulders the best player on the pitch followed by their little blonde fella in midfield”

“A team with Leon Clarke and Billy Sharp as its strike force getting promoted would be embarrassing for the league.”

“They have a proper keeper, every cross held and not punched.”

“Fleck commits two fouls in the space of one second on two players.ref obviously giving a yellow card discount – 2 for 1”

“Where was our penalty? They get one for phantom contact, we don’t get one for actual contact.”

“No contact at all. We were screwed.”

“There was contact but it wasn’t a trip”

“I had a very clear view of the penalty incident.
I can conclusively reveal that is definitely was not a penalty”

“total dive in my opinion”

“Cheating ref”

“We’re Leeds we only get decisions against us”

“Unfortunately these days you can’t give the player the opertunity to go down. Hunter or Charlton would have snapped him in half.”

“There was contact in the box, difficult for the ref not to give to be fair.”

“Ref got several decisions wrong imo. Alisoki foul was red because of how late their player was……..you have to question intent if someone is so late on a ball.
Their winner was a pen but it was soft. O’Kane put the brakes on but it was too late and there was contact diverting the player square on.

Handball was not deliberate but diverted the ball from our player so probably a pen.
Cant understand why the Pennington tackle was not bought up, he does not win the ball after going to ground lunging in (again) and then catches Clarke. If anything that was the clearest pen of them all! I am convinced that the ref would have given that but for the handball a few minutes earlier.
De Bock could have had 3 yellow cards today! The clip on Sharp’s heel was a definite yellow a was the jump leading with the forearm and then their was the cynical pull back just after the forearm jump (that would have been soft but seen them given loads of times).
Trying to be fair as we cant blame the ref without being objective.”

“The one thing that baffles me is there’s 2 minutes left and our fans are chanting Jimmy Savilles one of our own. Why ? Is that going to urge the team on ?”

“Sadly I don’t have an answer but personally I find the chant distasteful & unnecessary. I’m certain there’s Leeds fans who were affected by Saville, yet he’s become a cult hero in the eyes of some.”

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