“Job done.”

“Bit of shit game really. Created little but 10 men behind the ball isnt easy.”

“Bit uninspiring. They did alright. All that matters is we’re through.”

“Sheff Utd are such a boring game, but good win regardless”

“Thought we created quite a number of chances and openings. Only concern is how easily Sheff Utd created chances at our end. Almost every set piece wound up dangerous or not properly cleared and we still relied on a superb save from Kasper to see it through.”

“If we get the first half goal our play deserved we win easily. Bit of a slog then, and really need someone other than Vardy to be able to score. But a win is a win.”

“Did well to come out with the win, we deserved to win. They were getting lucky with the bounce of the ball and this is how FA Cup shocks usually start out.”

“Could have easily been more. Felt like they were blocking every final ball.”

“Fairly easy. SU didn’t look interested until we scored.”

“Think we were better than the scoreline suggest”

“Thought Sheff United were poor, even for a championship side- nothing to lose against a team not playing particularly well, and they barely attacked all game. Surely their fans are disappointed with that, as they’ve had a lot of success playing a fearless brand of football under Wilder.”

“Thought we were always in control of the game. They came with the intention of getting a replay and I know they play wing backs but this seemed very much like a flat back 5. Obviously that meant we were going to get most of the ball and they were going to be hard to break down. Created mainly half chances throughout and don’t think we actually got out of second gear even if the performance didn’t show that.”

“shefield defended with 9 men every time we tried to attack so our 1 nil result was good”

“Was always going to be a non-spectacle against hardworking, but dour opposition. We never really got out of second gear, didn’t use up too much energy, didn’t get any injuries (I believe), almost as if the team knew the goal would come sooner or later. Routine, forgettable win, against very mediocre opposition – mission accomplished without too much fuss.”

“Good win. They only had one real chance that Kasper nearly Kaspered up… “

“I think that performance was typical of what we are, an average mid-table premier league team, which is not the end of the world all things considering. Once again our two stand-out players save the day and it will be a sad day when Riyad goes this summer as despite his antics, that boy sure can play. It was a top-draw finish from Vardy. the Blades weren’t really massively tested. “

.”At times going forward it was like Mahrez vs Sheffield United.”

“Another game which highlights how superior Mahrez is to his team mates would’ve been devoid of any attack of threat if it wasn’t for him. “

“This is what happens when teams sit back against an above average team who struggle to break others down. We got the job done as we never stopped trying to find a break through”

“Thought we played decent, hard to break a team down who come to defend, and look to nick a goal, maybe some seem to hold us in higher regard then maybe they should be, if we had took our chances the score could have been 4 maybe 5, that’s how football goes sometimes, winning breeds confidence, well played lads”

“Comfortably better than them, they just defended well enough to keep us going side to side looking for openings quite a lot. No chance they win that game, they go for it then they’ve not got 11 behind the ball when it’s 40 yards from their goal (a regular occurrence) and we’d have opened them up easier.”

“Against a team who set up to play playing 5 4 1 it was always possible we would struggle to break them down and we did. “

“Easy enough. They defended fairly well but their attack was about as dangerous as a democratic party election campaign. Once we’d got the goal it was game over – just a shame we couldn’t force the break through earlier”

“Shit game, we were shit, they were competent but not at all dangerous. Still, we won while being shit showing how we’ve come on, and our centre midfield looks so much stronger now “

“The Blades were only sharp for one second around 85 minute forcing Schmeichel to make a crucial save. Their keeper was decent. Overall a pleasant game of wasted chances won with a great goal. I’m increasingly worried about our full backs though, both Simpson and Chills were too easily beaten by Sheffield players.”

“We struggled to get past Sheffield United’s 2nd team with our first, but the most important thing is that we’re through to the quarter final! I’d pick either Gray or Mahrez as MOTM, as they were the creators today. If it weren’t for them, we’d have had no chances and would have had to take a replay at Bramall Lane. Hopefully we get drawn against another team that aren’t as good as us!”

“Tough game but we go got there in the end, Kasper did well after his poor performance at Man City.”

“Pretty shoddy performance, especially given that was a bit of a makeshift Sheff United team. Hopefully we keep getting lucky with the FA Cup draws. “

“I think you have to give Sheff U some credit for defending well and in numbers. “

“Credit to Sheff Utd for making it difficult for us. Their keeper is destined for bigger things I reckon.”

“Agreed he looked good, blooming massive to!”

“Hahaha all these people thinking their keeper was the new Peter Shilton!  He grabbed a few crosses and made a few standard saves and all of a sudden he’s going on to “big things”  and we should sign him up!”

“Thought Blackman and O’Connel were impresive for the blades. Six changes and they more than held their own.”

“BBC website gives MOTM to Sheffield’s Jack O Connell, they have written ‘The 23 year old showed maturity and focus, by making the most clearances and winning the ball back then any other team mate also he had the most touches of the ball and 2nd most passes of the visitor’. I think he he is a solid player and the reason why Sheffield have been playing well this season, and would be a great buy for us in the summer”

“good to have dumped a bitter set of fans out of another cup this season .Dont get why they were being so up tight on their forum pre-match, but this will give them some fuel to boil their piss for a bit longer…”

“L1 were getting rinsed by the blades supporters I was with on the way back to Sheff due to the sadly now predictable ‘You’ve never won fück all, champions of England you’ll never sing that’ guff. “

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