I’m disappointed we didn’t get at least a point from that. Sheffield weren’t good, their support was quiet and moaning. But we were poor until Freeman came to life a bit”

“We could have won this game tonight but as usual we make too many poor mistakes at the back and don’t put away our chances up front. We were certainly the better side tonight on the balance of play.”

“Sheff Utd were hanging on and trying to waste time.”

“Outrageous time wasting by Sheffield. We were well on top but the crossing has to be better.”

“The time wasting from blades was ridicilous”

“We gave away 2 poor goals but scored a good one matched a top 7 team away on everything else.”

“Don’t think we should feel too dejected. Ollie has repeatedly said that some of our away performances have merited more points and we’ve been doing well in spells away from home against some strong team”

“Bit of a shame really but we showed a good response because during the first half it wasn’t a match they started too strong”

“Start badly and then regain a little respect. It’s kind of frustrating as you should feel more aggrieved with another loss, but the “almost” fightback distracts from that dejection.”

“I thought that our midfield were overrun in the first half and that Luongo and Freeman left Scowen all alone too often.
Once they competed we started bringing the game to Sheff Utd and our defence got more protection as well.”

“Anyone surprised by a QPR defeat away defeat up north in the winter months deserves nothing but mocking frankly.
Hope for a good result by all means, to expect it to such an extent that you’re furious about a 2-1 away defeat at Sheff Utd is just not having any sense of who QPR are.”

“Okay second half we looked a bit better but faded in the last 10 minutes oh well 2 wins away from 24 attempts”

“The closing five minutes were pathetic. no urgency. back passing. no drive.”

“It was pathetic from the start. As soon as he changed it up we started playing again. Will he ever learn”

“For a twenty minute period in the second half we looked like we were on for at least a point. United knew it and time wasted to take the heat off. It was all a bit frantic though, all spirit but not a lot of shape. He has to start Smyth on Saturday, Washington has had enough chances for a while. “

“they were in the division below us last season. Other teams are making progress whilst we regress.”

“SU came up from League One last season, so on paper we should’ve been competitive with them. Yet, we sit in 15th, 13 points behind them in 7th.
The major difference between the two teams on the pitch is they have a decent manager.
I’m struggling to see why we shouldn’t be disappointed with the result.”

“I don’t know why QPR bother to travel to away games. Just award a 2-0 win to the home team and everybody saves the expenses all round.”

By Roy

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