“After a very pleasing weekend win against Bolton, there is no break as we go away to the steel city to face Sheffield United on Tuesday night. Sheffield United are knocking on the door of the playoffs, as they lie in 8th, just four points adrift of 6th place. It has been an impressive season for last years League one winners, helped by Billy Sharpe, who a few weeks ago became one of the only three players to score 200 goals in the English league this century.
We should hopefully have Smyth available again from the start, and it is encouraging the Luongo made it through Saturday without any problems which is encouraging. I fear it’ll be tough on Tuesday night as we enter that part of the season where some teams have a lot to play for, and others (like ourselves I am pleased to say) are destined for mid table, and can’t really do much to change that. Surely we now want to see out the season without any major injuries, whilst giving as much game time and experience to the likes of Eze and Smyth.
Let’s hope they’ve got the same keeper tomorrow night as last time out”

“No easy games and this is a toughie.
Very happy memories of our win there in 200?
They started off well but have fizzled out so we have a decent enough chance.”

“Midweek game away to a good team in Yorkshire. Surely a comfortable away victory in pleasant weather with the team applauded off the pitch from all four stands. ”

“let’s not get too excited about  beating Bolton. The Beeb report described us as ‘deserved’ winners and that we were the ‘stronger side’ in the first half. But don’t get too excited: this is against a club who’s season performance has been nailed-on relegation form™. For us to get two unanswered goals at home against this side after they are down to ten men is not exactly the stuff of legend. ”

It was a reasonably decent, certainly adequate, result. That’s all.

“I think Holloway’s keen not to have any of those terrible 6 game losing runs again like last year which is why we haven’t seen much departure from the 3-5-2 because it sort of mostly works in that we aren’t going to get relegated”

“Another four wins and we’ll be safe. Loads of teams below us now who cant buy a win.Lets not put all the kids on the park until we’re mathematical safe. I’d tell the players that the sooner we’re safe the sooner your holidays start. Then get all the kids out there to see whst theyre made of.”

“Don’t think it will take four wins to reach safety! The teams in the bottom three are in poor form, so safety will only require 45 points this yearDon’t mind another four wins though!”

“Far from safe. I think we’ll get sucked in to it.I mean we still need eleven points minimum. Where from? Half our games are away from home, so that’s 0”

“Only 13 points off 6th. Could still do this.”

“Well i think qpr can win there next ten matches and i think we could hit the play offs my thoughts are based on matt smith is a player that can destroy any team in the division”

“If we won the next ten games i’d be eloping to the bahamas with Scarlett Johansson on a large pink marshmallow yacht upon a sea of tangerine custard”

“I think if we score more goals than the opposition and the teams around us acquire fewer points than us, then almost certainly maybe we could make the play offs. Mind you, if my aunt had a cock she’d be my uncle.”

“We are where we deserve to be…. lower mid table.”

By Roy

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