“Recent Form (last 8 league games)
Lost 4, Won 2 with 2 Draws
Scoring 7 Conceding 11
Lost 3, Won 2 with 3 Draws
Scoring 8 Conceding 9
LEEDS have averaged 1.47 points per away game so far this season while blunts are 1.73 points for home games
We are 9th spot on the Away table 22 points from 15 games and blunts are 8th in the home table 26points out of 15 games. This season in the league
61% of Sheffield Utd’s conceded goals occured in the first half. Sheffield Utd have failed to score in their last 3 home matches.
Leeds Utd have failed to win in their last 6 matches. 35% of Leeds Utd’s conceded goals occurred after the 75th minute.  Now I know its all doom and gloom at ER and with TC9 gone god knows what leeds team will turn up on Saturday. But blunts aren’t exactly setting the world alight lately either ”

“This is the start of something special under our new messiah and our late march to the playoffs!!”

“heckingass will unleash the beast within our team.
I’m weirdly optimistic.”

“Sheffield not playing as well as earlier in season (I hope)”

“ Sheffield Utd will play similarly to Baardiff and we HAVE to stand up to them…. “

“This was a home banker for me but now we’ve had a management change the game could either way if Heck has a huge influence on our players minds & confidence in the short-time he’s had to work with them.
Like us Sheff Utd fans have suffered of late seeing their club drop out of the top six, they looked very good when the blunts made us look daft last October “

“Its difficult to predict.
We could have the new manager bounce and come out and put in a great performance.
That’d certainly go some way to easing the fear about Hecky.
But head tells me that won’t happen, fairly downbeat about our chances under Hecky and in this game, I’d take a draw now. “

“can’t see a win. Sharpe’s bound to score so we’ll need at least 2 to win.
As it has been lately, more in hope than expectation. A sad return to what it has been for many seasons now. “

“Given the missing players this isn’t going to be easy think PH needs a miracle start to be honest.”

“New manager is walking into a run of games. where we could easily lose 4 or 5 games on the trot.
Then the fickle fans will start saying another bad appointment , we need to give this guy a chance, but i have a sneaky feeling that the fans want an instant turn around, simply not going to happen in my opinion. I think the pressure is going to mount over the next few months”

“no physical presence or heading prowse on the pitch bar  Jannson (out now) and vierra,was going for 2-0 blades has they have lost more than us and had some beatings recently and will finish mid table has their squad and depth suggests, Your quite right new manager/tatics/hope usually brings results in short term,yes they could have 3 hit the woodwork and 4 off the line and us 1 shot and deflect in ,but has saturday form/squad says 9 times outta 10 this won’t happen
Now unless 11 men behind the ball which we can not play (as above) 2-0 (sharpe will score) blades, totally out gunned and humiliated in front of sky cameras, our only solace cry from the terraces ,so now get back in that ole spitfire i can see ya on my radar now heat seekers locked on here come the flames”

By Roy

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