“The curse of the 90s minute” “All the teams finish the games at the whistle of the referee except the Arab teams end the game at ️ ninety minutes”

“Heartbreaking end to the game. And the 90mins+ curse continues for Arabs in this world cup”

“Hard luck, it was a good game”

“England leave it to the lAst and broken my heart”

“Unfortunately really great game and great for the Tunisian team. Better luck if God wants next match”

“Congratulations to our friends England”

“Congratulations for winning the team of Tunisian brothers”

“England excelled in the game, Tunisia outdid the fans”

“England deserves to win Tunisia had no attack and no attempt”

“In general England has earned the victory.. Tunisia was able to hijack the point after a superb defensive performance.. A simple error of defense by distracting first and then by not observing and leaving Harry Kane alone..”

“We played well but England has achieved what others have been unable to do like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal. And that’s winning the three points.”

“ At least the English team and England were on their nerves for another minute…. The Tunisian team was not easy”

“Belgium are stronger than England”

“England and France are of similar level”

“before match even the coach of England was very afraid of the Tunisian team and the proof was playng 4 defenders in front of one Tunisian striker”

“The foul team won”

“the last minute we have lost everything with many serious mistakes it is known that the England team relies entirely on the fixed balls and the Tunisian warrior team gave enough mistakes to achieve the goal of the opponent team”

“They are England they lost many dogs”

By Roy

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