“What was that Panama? Bad memories”

“They are only talking about Panama that conceded 6, please talk about football and the forcefulness of England, which is aggressive in the big tournaments”

“God only knows how to do petty punishments. Colombia, exit door for Venezuelans, Triumph 3 to 0, Panama, door closed for Venezuelans is defeated 1 to 6 in favor of England, for more humiliation by the way.”

“The first goal in the history of Panama in a World Cup, today the result is the least important  thing lets to celebrate the story they wrote”

“Defeat to England but still victory of Panama. Even after conceding six goals to the British, the Panamanian players and sympathizers made a beautiful party in today’s game, for the country’s first goal in a cup”

“The British dominated the game, were superior at all, are ranked and Harry Kane made a hat trick. However, the most beautiful of all was the excitement of the Panamanian fans by celebrating the first goal of our selection in the history of the hearts. Ah, Football S2”

“Despite the landslide to England ⁠, and that we are eliminated from Russia 2018, all the fans of Panama celebrated with a tremendous emotion the goal of Felipe Baloy. And that’s the first time we’ve sung a global goal in our entire history. A dream come true.”

“Beat, thrashed and swept England (6-1) to Panama that goes from the clash with a defeat but… With his first goal in a World Cup… All Panama, happy and celebrating that goal is worth a lot”

“I cried with the goal for Panama”

“Baloy has more goals than Messi”

“All that matters is we lost but got a goal, we are more than happy . More loved the only goal of Panama that the 6 of England that is happiness gentlemen…”

“Panama loses to England 6 to 1, but that 1 are worth more than those 6, left the stadium celebrating as if we had won, that is my Panama”

“Panama made history, entered the World Cup and made its first goal… And England! , divine that they are”

“The Panama manager said: “I emphasized that my players were not allowed to concede 10″.”

“The manager of Panama begged the coach of the ‘ Three Lions ‘ to get no more goals”

“England should have been less heavy with us, so I think”

“My father: if Colombia passes and play England it would be a good match. They could get revenge on behalf of Panama”

“I woke up and I was met England shoving the eggs to Panama”

By Roy

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