“Next two games are difficult, Sheff Utd away and Leeds away.
We should of had about 5 wins by now with the way we are performing but we haven’t.
I have to say I actually fancy us to win one of these games with the way we are playing.
Sheff Utd are a tough team but definitely beatable.”

“I don’t think we have anything to fear on Sheffield United. We need to believe we can win that.
We probably won’t, mind.”

“we’re gonna fecking smash Sheffield United”

“I actually fancy us to beat Sheff Utd”

“We always play better aganst the decent teams.
So we are more likely to win one of the next 2 away games because no doubt the level of performance will drop at home to Ipswich. “

“We’re absolutely dire in front of goal, playing decent football jus the end product.” “We need to be more clinical and especially against Sheffield United”




“Every dog has his day! Way we are playing it’s gonna come at some point. Maybe if our strikers put their boots on the right feet our luck might chance”

“Come on Che You Can do it”

“If we only lose 6 points because of FFP it’s still a big deal to blues and could seal our relegation. Sickening that clubs such as Sheff Wed and Villa haven’t had same treatment.”

“Only 900 sold for Sheffield United looks like sky’s red button is already taking it’s toll on midweek away support”

“Either that or the prospect of possibly not returning with 3 points. Sadly despite our efforts of late things just aren’t happening results wise. It tends to put people off paying out.”

“A cold Wednesday night in Sheffield and we have sold 853 so far! Quality support from our fans who are travelling to Sheffield United to support Gary Monk  and the boys in royal blue”


By Roy

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