“Tbf a draw wouldnt of been unfair to either side, it was one of those games where 1 goal was going to win it and it did. Neither team really bothered each others keeper. It was a good solid performance, not one youl remember but a great 3 points, we dealt with them well.”

“They are a good side and tbh, the last twenty was pretty comfortable.”

“Solid enough against a huff and puff kind of team..Good result.. Looking at Sheff Utd squad though if that was our squad we’d go down this season… Pretty impressive stuff really.”

“Said it would be a tight victory but we’ve bossed today.”

“The ref missed everything they did. It was almost like it was two different games – non contact for us and wrestling for them. Always makes the win sweeter against scummy teams like them and Cardiff.”

“because they saw Leeds nick a point thanks to some blatant cheating, they thought a point was fair too given their scrotty little weasel John Fleck was diving and feigning contact about five times.Get fucked Blunts. Bye.”

“Billy Sharp is still a wanker. I can’t believe referees still get conned by his falling over. Oh well, he can get on the bus and head home with a big zero points today.”

“Sheff Utd don’t offer one thing today. Not one”

“they didn’t get away with their usual bullying antics today”

“Always good to beat that shower.”

“An old chap sat near me said it shows how poor this league is if Sheffield United are top of it. Based on their performance today I’m inclined to agree.”

“Top of the league? You’re having a laugh.”

“Just read their forum and left totally fucking bewildered. Somehow they think they deservd a draw. They were worse than Wednesday in my opinion.”

“Bit like the Sheff Weds game for me, we defended well, midfield were solid and we played the game we wanted to. Was a harder game than Sheff Weds but that’s because Sheff Utd are a better team.”

“Thought it was a decent game today, good atmosphere and a fantastic 3 points. Sheff Utd weren’t a patch on last season imo… their fans were fairly quiet too. I think they enjoyed our ‘Sheffield Wednesday… they’re bigger than you’ ditty however.”

“Sheffield United are just a smaller version of Wednesday tbh”

“United were awful as were Wednesday against us. Wednesday fans slightly better though”

“Did they even sing a song? Even Wigan sang a song?

“They sang ‘were top of the league’ about ten times before the hour mark and nothing else apart from one scab chant on the half hour. Feel sorry for them in their next game cos they’ve got nothing to sing at all.”

“Sheffield United amongst the worst fans we’ve had at the City Ground this season 100% cheers for the 3 points from all the scabs x”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Forest”
  1. WOW!! Reading the comments on here anyone would thing that’s how everyone thinks sheff Utd play every week!! you don’t get to top of the league playing like that all the time…every teams allowed a bad game now and again that’s football!!

  2. WOW!! everyone must think sheff Utd play like that every week reading the comments!! You don’t get to the top of the league playing line that every week!! Every team have bad weeks now and again that’s football…United will finish higher than a VERY average forest team come the end of the season!

  3. Scabby forest fans still got hatred because the mighty blades sent your trampy team down in the 90’s and kicked fuck out of ya sham of a firm!! Running up to the police for help ???? enjoy ya season ya set of wankers??

  4. What’s this “we didn’t sing ” rubbish ? You lot didn’t start singing till you scored. We were dirty ? Think you lot got got 2/3 yellows. One of your players actually went down before any contact was made.You only see what you want to see and some of your comments are laughable. Even though you won,some of you lot still seem upset.UTB

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