“Utd somehow lost their last away match at Funtime Frankie’s Comedy Elect. That’s their only loss in the last 8 games. They haven’t failed to score in their last 7 matches. Utd haven’t scored more than 1 goal in a league match at Forest in their last 12 visits.
This league fixture was first played in 1893
Utd are nicknamed The Blades after their founder, safety razor legend King C. Gillette We put out a second string against Burton for a reason. Winning these matches are top of AK’s list. We are due a performance at home, the big crowds deserve one ”

“Should be a good game they proper go for it, can see it being a very open game”

“I think everyone is aware this will be a tough one.
Sheff Utd have a style that I think is unmatched in this league. Leeds perhaps try and play a similar way albeit in a different formation.
They play 3-5-2 but their CB’s often overlap and join in with attacks. So you can find yourself hemmed in under a lot of pressure.
Key is when you get the ball, you get it in behind quickly. When they have the ball, the DM’s need to be very efficient at blocking and picking pockets.
They do concede goals however, and if we can be resilient, we can do them. They are not unbeatable. It’s just vital that when they have their spells, we stay strong because we can punish them.”

“Can only see a blades win.”

“We’re gonna get another lesson in how not to play winning football.”

“Sheff Utd are in really good form at the moment and I feel that they will have too much for us”

“A point would still be a good return.”

“I never fancy us to beat these and looking at the last 11 encounters is there any wonder.
Still not sure how we beat them at home last season.
If we play well, retain some possession and don’t sit back, we could easily win. Can’t see it though.”

“Pressure will be on on Saturday, love to see a positive attacking game of football from Forest but sadly i fear most of the pressing and attacking will probably come from Sheffield. Hope I’m wrong”

“Really can’t see us beating shef u. They will tear us a new one I’m afraid”

“I expect us to be punished by the blunts if we carry on losing possession so easily.
Think we need to go back to basics as we’re struggling to string more than a couple of passes together.”

“Sheff Utd have a lot of mobility in their team.”

“Pantilimons confidence looks very low and with the blades 12th man (the WFCG crowd) on his back it does not bode well. A couple of clearances straight to touch or to an opposition player and they will be on him like a shot.”

“Can’t wait to play long ball, constantly foul them, get at least 3 yellows, and time waste for 60 minutes. Fuck off karanka, your football is shite”

“Interesting to see how Karanka deals with their back 3. It normally causes teams no end of problems. Also, Norwood’s possibly been the stand out midfielder in the league so far this season, he’ll run the game if we let him.”

“Gonna get smashed coz he will set up to stop them like against leeds even tho were home team.”

“Already on the back foot after Burton. They’ll dread playing at the CG again.”

“If we don’t take 3 points from this, what was the point of playing a shit XI on Tuesday?”

“People asking for Karanka to be sacked because we’ve lost a cup game. You ‘ll all be licking his arse again when we beat Sheffield united”

“if we beat those scumbags from Sheffield on Saturday then Burton will soon be forgotten as disappointing as it is”

“Play our first eleven and we’ll win, but we’re at home so the negative crowd will transpire to a loss, so that probably means a draw, which will mean we’re about 10th, which is promotion this season but last season was relegation.”

“A big performance here could really push us on tho. This may be the moment when we go from being Champ chancers to real Prem contenders. Sheff U are doing great, but they have only drawn 2 all season and are perfectly beatable.”

“Piece of p*** this one. Easier than you might think. They aren’t scared of us so will come to play, which will allow us to play as well.
Forest to bring Sheffield’s run to a dramatic and sudden halt with a convincing 2-0 victory that has us all purring and wondering what all the fuss was about.”

“Got to be beating teams like this at home”

“”Teams like this”? They’re top of the league!”

“They’re crap, they have Billy Sharp up front FFS”

“I see Billy Sharp has been chelping about how confident they are going into this game.
Hope we fucking smash them.
A bit of a grudge match for me this is, I really want to see 100% from the players. Any bollocks on Saturday and it won’t just be Barry throwing rotten tomatoes.”

“Sheff Utd fans wanted rid of Sharp at the start of the season.
Reality is, we’re all fucking idiots aren’t we”

“I liked him when he was here.gave his all in a difficult time in his life.. “

“This year round I’d like to see some more intelligent “scab” jibes from their fans
Like, oh I dunno – “Forest pay their players by SCAB Transfer””

“Smash the piggy bastards, do it for Desmond Sinclair Walker!”

By Roy

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