“always a good away day this”

“Looking forward to this – one of the better away days”

“Fat billy, Madine, Pukka Pie stand….what’s not to like.”

“this will get shitty, imo,pissed up kids, pissed up owd blokes,a right royal dicking,not a recipe for a happy afternoon “

“I wanted to go, my lad asked if we could go, I’m on half day so I can still go. I cant be trusted to keep my shit together with our window lickers though”

“Think I’m done with away games now until it calms down. I’m on the verge of sacking home games off too.”

“It will be cold.And the m0ngs will piss me off. And we will lose. And madine will score”

“expect us to lose & can live with that, but I just don’t want to be near to, or have to listen to,  bellends who are hoping for the worst so that they can squeal abuse at the owner, the manager or this week’s scapegoat. I’ll probably give Wigan & Blackburn a miss for the same reason.”

“Hasn’t captured many this. think last week 500 sold”

“Not surprising is it given the chance of us winning or even nicking a draw.”

“Dry bumming with no lube”

“We will get an early lead, then get battered”

“Can’t see anything other than a utter dicking by these tossers.. “

“Looking through the remaining fixures and cant see more than another 6-7 points. Bolton 0 Saturday and they will score at least 3 “

“Just 36% possession in a must win home game against Reading. Less shots. Parky has blamed the fans in a press conference One win in 16 with 17 left… 7/8 wins needed to stay up”

“So we go into the rest of the season with 2 strikers who have scored 4 goals between them all season”

“Clayton Donaldson 0 goals in 860 minutes.”

“Donaldson’s stats are laughably bad. One upfront who has less than one shot per game. “

“The situation at Bolton is that bad that we can’t even sign Ched Evans”

“Anderson told Evans club that they will get paid out of Augusts EFL payment and that they have to pay his wages until then”

“19 goals in 29 games and we sign a defender.”

“We need to beat Reading. Wigan Millwall Sheffield Wednesday qpr Ipswich and win a top team or draw some top teams. Looking bleak right now”

“Gary Madine hasn’t scored a professional goal for a year. Bolton play Sheffield next………”

“We’re gonna get murdered by Sheffield United on Saturday unless agent Madine helps us out”

“We we will win 1-0 Madine own goal and he takes his shirt off to show his Weds. shirt underneath.”

“You’ve got Madine Gary  Madine

just do not think you understand

6 million in the bank 

he is fucking wank

you got Gary Madine. 

To the tune of the Gary Madine song. 

Then applaud him.”

“Plays into our hands a target man. We are most vulnerable against anybody with the slightest bit of pace.”

“Sharpe movement is top class”

By Roy

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