“has there ever been such a pre match build up thread? Judging by their comments and posts on their threads, are they and us trying to start a new rivalry. I’ve never really thought or given two hoots about Sheff Utd since that infamous day at Wembley. We’ve played them a few times since of course but nothing to write home about.”

“Outfought and outplayed!They had so much desire and fight that we weren’t just losing out on the second ball but the third fourth and fifth!

“They didn’t’t stopped and we didn’t start.”

“the better team won.”

“Their tactics were good. Ours were abysmal.”

“What a shocking game – a very poor advert for the PL.
My hat goes off to our fans who paid to watch a team that did not seem to be trying.”

“Both teams were really awful.
If that was it, football would be dead. “

“Look at Norwich and Sheffield United, when a player has a ball, the rest of the team are making good runs forward, providing options and creating overlaps. We didn’t do that once today, completely clueless going forward. Playing McCarthur and Luka in a narrow midfield always meant it would be difficult to get the ball out wide, we had nobody dropping in between the lines to give people options and no one to carry the ball through midfield. And we still might lose Wilf.Better team won today but they are nothing special and the fact we struggled against them so much is truly worrying.

“The worst game of Permiership football I have ever watched. Ashamed for all connected to the club.”

“They were terrific today. Well organised, pressed with intensity won near all ariel duels, Hats off Chris Wilder

“Sheffield gave us a coaching clinic, coming out with a well executed plan that plays to the team’s strengths, as opposed to our 90 minutes of boring, inept, disinterested crap.”

“Arguably our worst performance since promotion and they just managed to win. They are fighting for survival that’s for sure.” “Out-muscled and outfought by a team totally up for it.”

“Today has to be one of our worst performances in years against an extremely limited Sheffield United side”

“Sheffield Utd did not look to be a good team and we still did not look like laying a glove on them.”

“Sheffield United looked like a newly promoted team full of running, headless tackles and lots of enthusiasm. We were just awful. Beyond awful.” “Sheff Utd will be cock a hoop with that but soon they will realize we are one of the worst outfits in the league on our day.”

“They made us pass the ball around aimlessly because they knew how to close a football team down. ..they battled, we pussy footed.” “In a way I hope it was arrogance that assumed we could turn up and turn them over and not for the fact that they outclassed us but I’m not sure.”

“Worse performance I can recall for a long time . Passive , Pedestrian , no movement , no quality , out fought .” “They had tactics; we didn’t.
We had some pre historic 4-4-2 with players out of position.” “Although we created Jack I must say SU were the master spoilers in the second half. Their ability to time waste and break continuity was up there with best of those ilk. “

“Utd weren’t much good but they deserved the three points.” “For me it’s unpalatable to play with 9 behind the ball at Sheffield Utd but no doubt he would point to the very good away form last season as vindication of his methods.
What I can’t accept is his refusal to take any responsibility and he stated that the forwards didn’t work hard enough and he was disappointed that we didn’t manage to have a shot on goal after going a goal behind.”

“we completely failed to deal with their system at both ends. We actually started pretty well, and after 15 mins thought the game might turn into an interesting tactical battle with our quality showing through, but by the end it was embarrassing.”

“7 years of prem football and that is how we look against a newly promoted side. We are shit.”

“The club is a mess. What a shocking performance against an extremely average side.”

“Outplayed both in skill and determination by a newly promoted side. Disgraceful performance. Deserve to go down.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Palace”
  1. So 2 games in and a long way still to go, but The Blades deserve credit and not Snyder remarks about teams having “an off day” and being “brought down their level”
    2 games In The Blades have been the best team in both games and with more confidence will only get better! UTB

  2. So 2 games in and a long way still to go, but The Blades deserve credit and not Snyde remarks about teams having “an off day” and being “brought down to their level”
    2 games In The Blades have been the best team in both games and with more confidence will only get better! UTB

  3. Having read the pre-match comments from Palace fans broadcasting to all and sundry about their superiority and what a foregone conclusion the result was I can’t believe how many of them still think they are better than us and how we remain relegation fodder. What does that say about their prospects?

  4. I wouldn’t say we were shit give my team some credit i thought we wanted it more then palace and we played some good stuff see you at your place

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