“Perfect first home game for SU, unless Wilf plays and is focussed, and Townsend gets his act together.”

“Wilder is a very strong tactician – and they play with ‘over lapping centre backs’ which overloads the defence, and overcomes traditional organised two banks of four.
May create space for us to counter – but will our makeshift defence and sometimes dodginess at full back get taken to the cleaners?”

“Overlapping centre back have a word. This lot will get murdered in the league. Our counter attack style should destroy them also. 8-2 Zaha hatrick”

“Roy will put a stop to this bollocks right away, him and Ray are probably pissing themselves laughing watching sheff united highlights as we speak!”

“Didn’t look like ‘bollocks’ vs Bournemouth, who are quite similar to us in terms of counter attacking with pace. Didn’t look like bollocks vs the whole of the championship either.”

“It’s an interesting tactic, but one you can get away with in the Championship. Would you want your Centre backs high up the pitch, with a midfield player left to mark Wilf, or even someone like Kane.
Last season they could get away with it in the Championship where they were one of the best teams. That’s not the case now.
But I’d bank on Wilder having plans to deal with a team like us.”

“Anyone that has a high pressing style that can pass accurately and quickly will shit all over them.
A lot of championship clubs play direct counter attacking styles which will suit Wilders tactics because I suspect a lot of them can’t pass well and there counter breaks down due to Wilders overload which a) congests the space on the wings which a lot of these clubs use to counter up and b) Championship players don’t have the accuracy and speed of passing to get around the congestion while still maintaining a flowing counter.

“The centre backs are out of position, but the wing backs tuck in and sorta take their place centrally, so it’s not as if they’re leaving themselves completely open. They did have the best defence in the championship last season after all.
Think Wilder might play a more traditional back 5 against the likes of Man City, but will fancy his usual tactics against teams like us.”

“Sounds like a stupid gimmick to me.”

“A ‘stupid gimmick’ doesn’t get a team promoted from league one to the Prem in 3 years whilst spending very little.”

“Wasn’t their promotion more about Leeds implosion?”

“Yes, that’s the only reason that they’re not in league one right now. Leeds bottling it.”

“Bournemouth matched up with them at the weekend and went 3-5-2 as well. Not sure Roy will stray from his 4-4-2. Will be interesting to see what we do.”

“Bournmouth in their last 5 games have 3 wins and 2 draws. 1 win in their last 7 at home.
Both sides ended up with 2 really good chances a piece. People are lauding the opening day performance by Sheff Uts but it was an almost identical team we put 5 past at the end of last season. If Bournemouth have improved then it will make it a decent test next weekend. If they haven’t then Sheff Utd really didn’t create much against what is a poor declining side.
Too early to know what position teams are in for this season but we should have confidence going into the game this weekend.”

“Go long to benteke with wilf and Townsend getting the second ball for a foot race. If they pack the middle then get wilf and Townsend away in the channels..
They won’t be committing centre backs for too long when they get hit on the break like that
Ugly ugly. Will suit the two james’s Perfectly as well as the front three who are perfect for long balls or space in the channels
Played right we are probably one of the best equipped teams in the league to counter it. Ugly ugly football though “

“The trouble is, for all his good points, Roy doesn’t seem to be a great one for adjusting his tactics based on who we are playing. We set up how we set up, and we play our game… regardless. Once again – it will remain to be seen if there is a change of tactics and any kind of plan B / fallback plan ready to adopt if we find that things aren’t going as we hoped… don’t hold your breath.”

“They’re a good side and quirky tactically, but we are very good on the road and by any measure have the better players. Should be a good game”

“They are new to the Premier League. We are an extremely effective away side and have seen off most of the top sides at their grounds. Not saying we will find it easy – far from it – but they will have done their homework on us and be a little nervous of our away capabilities. Let them worry about us”

“The reality is we are a clear level above Shef Utd when our first team is out. As per we’ve not got our first XI ready to play.
We’re weak in the full back positions and toothless up front.
If we hold a firm line at the back and take our chances we should be winning this. Our Midfield is lightyears ahead of theirs. Baring Wolves teams coming up usually have a bounce for a couple of weeks before they hit the reality of this league, let’s hope it’s worn off.”

“Interesting views on their message board. Stop Wilf, by man marking him, and we’re done. Completely ignoring our away form and tactics from the last couple of years.”

“Man mark wilf out of the game? They are going to do everything else with the only 2 players they have left?”

“I’m hating them already, looking at their forum.
‘One man team’
‘They’ll be shitting themselves’
‘Favourites for relegation’
‘The likes of Palace’
F**k me, they’ve got more mouth and less sense than those c*nts from Shithole-on-Sea.”

“It is a tricky one for us but if the team are as cocky about beating us as the fans I think they are in for a surprise. What they can succeed with in the Championship is quite different to the Premier League. Long may they be over confident.”

“I always liked Sheffield United much more than preening Wednesday but this pretentious bollocks system and their dismissal of little old palace is sodding asking for it.”

“Quite confident on this one..they will be up for it and will probably be too adventurous. We just need to chip away and catch them on the break”

“I’m very confident about this game,newly promoted team against the brilliant counter attacking Palace.
I can see Sheff utd getting a bloody nose with us getting a thumping win.”

“I think Wilder has still flown under the radar a bit in the football mainstream (despire his LMA award). Plenty see him as just another dinosaur like Warnock or Steve Bruce, despite him clearly being a very adventurous and astute modern tactician. Just because he’s old, English and gruff sounding. “

“Fair play to Wilder for sticking to his overlapping centre backs in the Prem. I’m telling you, the bloke is a managerial genius.
If he does well enough with the Blades in the Prem and Hodgson calls it a day, I’d love him at palace.”

“If he does well, it won’t be Palace he moves to. They are a bigger club than us.”

“I know we tend to over state ourselves sometimes but really do you think they are bigger? Interested to understand why?
Barring a couple of short stints in the top flight, they’ve spent most of the last 40 years in 2nd or 3rd flight but recently spent more down in the third tier.
Averaged 26k attendance last season, same as our capacity.
Genuinely interested in what your criteria is for a bigger club?
I’d say we’re at worst level in terms of size, but certainly not smaller.
Regardless unlikely a successful manager from a club their size would come to us if successful as there will be a bigger team looking at him if that situation arose”

“We’re a far bigger club than Sheff United in the criteria that’s most relevant: Money and squad quality. Keep in mind that they were in league one only 3 years ago, and it’s not a Bournemouth situation where there’s a billionaire bankrolling them.Wilder is Sheffield through and through, so if he keeps them up he definitely stays. But say they’re only just relegated and look quite decent on the way, I think we could tempt him here. If Hodgson wants to leave that is, I wouldn’t swap the two as things stand. “

“Billy Sharp always scores against us.”

“Time to put these cloth capped ferret shaggers back in their place.”

By Roy

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